Screen Printed t-shirts is our most popular request here at Icon Printing. Not only are the results long lasting, screen printing is also the most cost effect way of printing large quantity of garments.

We’ve selected a few examples of great 1 colour screen printed t-shirts. This is to illustrate how easy it is to create eye-catching screen printed garments using just 1 colour; in order to keep the printing costs as low as possible.


1. Dutch Football Federation T-shirts (above)

Amsterdam-based creatives Bas Van De Poel and Daan Van Dam created these (shown above) screen printed t-shirts in support of the dutch football federation for the 2010 world cup. The heads of the players of the dutch national team are printed on the inside of the t-shirts. The idea was that when a player of the dutch team scores, t-shirt wearers can pull the front of their shirts over their own faces, and become one of the players.

2. Creative One Colour T-shirts by Tang Yau Hoong

Tang Yan Hoong’s style is clever illustration based designs that make use of negative space. These screen printed t-shirt design are still only one colour prints, but the “background” colour (the actual colour of the t-shirt) plays an important part.


one colour negative space t-shirt design



3. The Obama US Election 2012 Custom State T-shirt


A fantastic example of how effective one colour, bold text is as a t-shirt design. Another “awesome” factor is that they have all 50 US States covered. This t-shirt is fully customisable via
ONE COLOUR (white ink) on a black t-shirt



US Election custom design screen printed t-shirt

4. Screen Printed T-shirts by UGMONK

Ugmonk stick to strong typography and minimal design, almost always printing using just one colour.


one colour t-shirts by Ugmonk


5. Ladies T-shirt by Anna Hindmarch

This was a screen printed t-shirt design Icon Printing screen printed for renowned handbag designer Anna Hindmarch for London Fashion Week. As you can see, a simple one colour design and clever placement makes this a great success!


Anna H. screen printed Fashion Week t-shirt


6. Next Models Scouting T-shirt

We recently screen printed these bold t-shirts for Next Model Management. Initially, they may not be much for look at, but they serve a purpose. These t-shirts had to stand out in a crowd of 65,000 at a festival when scouting for new faces. “Keep It Simple” is a great moto of ours, stick to this and you can never go wrong.


Next Models t-shirt for scouting


So, what makes “perfect” artwork for t-shirt screen printing?

Icon Printing are a specialist t-shirt screen printing company based in Shoreditch, London.