In the world of t-shirt printing and design, it takes something special to set oneself apart from the crowd. Here’s our selection of 6 t-shirt brands who are making their mark in the best possible way

1. Kate Moross

Kate Moross Tshirts

UK-based graphic designer and illustrator Kate Moross has created bold artwork for some of the most iconic brands around – including adidas, Nike, Paul Smith, Kiehls and Ray-Ban, amongst many others. Alongside countless other projects, she’s also directed her talents toward t-shirt design, collaborating with bands on merch ideas and channeling her fascination with 3-sided shapes and illegible typography to create some of our favourite pieces.


2. Mcbess


French-born illustrator, musician and all-round design genius mcbess is one of those wonderfully annoying people who can do everything really well – including running a clothing and apparel label through Berlin-based Dudes Factory. Meat (particularly rib-eye steak), whisky and rock ’n roll are regular themes, and with a recipe like that it’s very difficult to go wrong. His pieces feel like there’s a story of adventure and mischief behind each one, and the obvious nods to heritage cartoons make his work all the more charming. Check out the merch he’s designed for his band ‘The Dead Pirates’, and the work he’s done for his yacht rock-loving Cannes-based cousin ‘mcbaise’.


3. Satta


Looking at their blog and website, you’d think the peeps at Satta were constantly on a sunny island somewhere, surfing great waves or carving up the asphalt, chasing the sun or just lying back and watching the world go by. Satta’s work has strong links to the true roots of skating, combined with a refreshingly authentic concern and respect for the environment. Satta itself is a Sanskrit word tied to ideas of a lifestyle embodying a connectedness, balance and harmony with all of nature.


4. Ugmonk


Based on a love of typography and minimalist design, Ugmonk’s ethos is simple: to create high-quality, well-designed goods that they would want to wear themselves. Simple ideas are often the best, and it’s evident that everything coming out of the Ugmonk stable is made with love and attention to detail. The Black Series is one of our favourites, but honestly it is very difficult to choose when it’s all just so damn good!


5. Super Superficial


It’s never good to take oneself too seriously, and Super Superficial certainly are in no danger of doing that. Humour is clearly one of their essential ingredients, and a general sense of bonhomie pervades their work. We challenge you to browse their designs without a smile! Showcasing designs from a range of guest artists, this is the place to go for exclusive apparel, made and sold by people who are clearly having fun doing something they love.


6. Johnny Cupcakes


Perhaps one of the most distinctive t shirt brands out there, Johnny Cupcakes combines a compelling brand backstory with a huge range of eye-catching designs and fantastic packaging ideas, while also retaining a mom-and-pop sense of locality and friendliness.

Have we missed out on anyone? Let us know in the comments section! Great design and attention to detail is at the heart of what we do – hit us up for all your t shirt printing and design needs or visit our Pinterest page for more inspiration.