There are a few ways to reduce the cost of running a marketing or promotional event without effecting your image. Getting promotional t-shirts and garments printed is probably one of the easier requirements to source. We specialise in creating promotional clothing for events, but we’ve also put together a list of ideas to help reduce the cost of putting on an event.

1. Be flexible with the day and time.

If you have the perfect venue in mind, but feel it’s still slightly out of your budget maybe consider changing the day you event fall on. Many venues have lower rates for mid-week, afternoons or Sunday bookings.


2. Barter.

In today’s economy, people are more willing to help out the next person for something in exchange. For example, If you know someone who creates branded banners for events you could negotiate a deal with them. Maybe you could trade in some help with marketing their business for a free banner or two?

3. Choose a venue w/ complete package offer

Make a chart that displays what each venue offers in their packages. Venues that include tableware, display stands and staff can be more cost effective than renting tents, tables and chairs. You could always take the savings and invest in a vast array of event “show-related” elements.

4. Downsize your booth?

If you’re attending a tradeshow you generally get a 40×40 or 20×20 booth, but how about downsizing it to a 10×20 or even 10×10. The cost savings are substantial, plus you’ll be saving on equipment and staffing – due to the smaller floor space. You are still there and that’s what’s important!

5. Send fewer staff.

Some companies send too many people to work the booth during show hours. The reality is that you often don’t need that many people there at any one time. Send the staff you need for the booth and expect them to work the show during the time the exhibit floor is open for viewing. Make sure the staff you send are clear on this and have a “booth manager” on-site to oversee things.

6. Pick less expensive locations.

Businesses today are looking at all expenditures carefully. Select a location that is costs affective and accessible for you and your employees.

7. Cost effective giveaways.

A client of ours, Converge UK recently Direct to Garment printed some tote bags for an event they were holding. Here’s why…

“The bags made great spot prizes for the audience – because there was no fluffing around with sizes. Perfect!”

Tote bags make excellent promotional prizes. They maximise brand exposure, they’re less expensive when compared to t-shirts and perfect for any member of the audience.


direct to garment promotional tote bags

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