Finding your perfect cap

Affordable and versatile, custom caps can be a great way to promote your brand, business or label. To take a controversial example: Donald Trump, whose ‘Make America Great Again’ red trucker cap has – for better or worse – become one of the most iconic hats in recent memory. Employing a simple slogan, bold font and striking red colour, it did a great job of promoting both Trump, his campaign and the message he was running on – much as you might disagree with most or all of what he says.

Whether you’re running for president, looking to stoke interest in a new startup or creating merch for your food truck, a personalised cap can be a great way to do that. Here at ICON we’re experts in embroidery for caps, and we can advise you on bringing your vision to life. For anyone dipping their toes into the hat world, here we’ve broken down some cap styles for you, outlining which ones are best suited for different requirements.


The great thing about trucker caps are the big surface area on the front of the cap that allows for a wide range of things to fit on there, whether that be a patch, a logo or a big slogan – or even a longer sentence.

As discussed previously, trucker hats (especially all red ones) appeal to a certain, mostly older market. That would make them ideal for a retro themed business like a diner or, as their name suggests, for businesses connected with the automobile industry in any way.


Baseball caps are simple, comfortable and as the name suggests, very sport centric, which makes them great for sports teams, or any kind of business that deals with sports.

With baseball caps the sizing is a little smaller on the front than a trucker cap, for example, but still leaves space for a neat embroidered logo, so has a great versatility meaning they can be used to promote anything from a big event to special deal at any given retail business.


Jockey / camper

This cap is a smaller, more fitted style of hat predominantly worn by cyclists and skaters as it snugly sits on the head and because of its smaller bill, doesn’t get in the way as much as other caps on this list. Because of the smaller nature of the hat, there’s not a huge amount of space to play around with on the front, but still definitely enough for a small punchy logo, and for that reason would be suited for the athleisure or sportswear crowd.

Five Panel

This is a very relaxed sort of cap, usually coming in material like corduroy wool blend or looser cotton material, as comfort is key. This is the kind of cap that usually has a buckle closure, although sometimes a Velcro one. Comfort is key to this style, making it well-suited to a younger, more relaxed clientele: surfer types, students and the like.


Usually coming with a long flat bill (that people usually keep flat, as opposed to the curled look with other caps), and with five or six panels, as well as a wide range of materials, the snapback is one of the more customisable caps available. As with the trucker hat, there’s a lot of room on the front for personalisation, so this kind of cap would work really well with companies with bigger logos or slogans, allowing them to really grab the eye of customers.

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