Uniforms are not to be overlooked

Uniform is often the last thing companies, brands and businesses think about. But it shouldn’t be overlooked. A staff uniform ties together everything you’re trying to create – and it serves the most important part of any business – the people within it.

There are many benefits to having a staff uniform – we’ve drawn up a list of five reasons why having a uniform will boost your brand, your team and your customers.

1. Uniforms make a statement about your brand

A uniform is an extension of your brand and a vital opportunity to make a statement about what your business stands for. The striped t-shirts worn by staff at Footlocker communicate just as much as the bright red uniforms of Virgin Atlantic, while we all remember (and connect) with the motivating, crisp, white “team Pret” shirts worn by the person making us coffee on the way to work. Meanwhile the cargo coloured outfits worn by UPS suggest hard working, with the caps and shorts communicating speed.

Uniform is another way to advertise your business and communicate professionalism – even a simple t-shirt, cap or jumper can be enough to do this effectively. T-shirts are a common uniform in the tech and start-up industries.

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2. Uniforms generate pride in the workplace

The only people more important than your customers are your employees. A strong uniform concept should have a positive impact on your team. If you create a uniform that’s comfortable, fits and makes your team look good, they’ll feel good too. This should lead to more confident employees, ready to click into their role as soon as their uniform is on.  

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3. Uniforms give your employees presence

A uniform is an important way to make sure your staff are visible and identifiable. Particularly in busy cafes, bars and catering environments, having easy-to-spot staff is pretty important for customers. Again, this can be achieved very simply through the use of colour; have all your staff in the same colour t-shirt, or use different colour t-shirts to denote specific roles and responsibilities.

4. Uniforms foster a team spirit

Another positive benefit of staff uniform is it can create a strong sense of unity among your staff. Like a sports club, uniform bonds everyone together and encourages everyone in the business to support each other. In this sense, a uniform can really boost morale in the workplace and help pull staff together when the pressure is on.

5. Uniforms can become merch

Another benefit of creating a staff uniform is that it could end up gaining a life of its own beyond the workplace. A growing number of businesses sell branded t-shirts – merch is particularly popular among bars and restaurants with loyal customers. Considering the ongoing popularity of branded fashion and workwear, the merch potential is just another reason to create a stand-out uniform for your business.

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