London’s fashion markets

London’s fashion scene could claim to be the most vibrant and diverse in the world, or at least up there with New York. And some of the UK’s biggest name designers, including Red or Dead’s Wayne Hemingway, started off with market stalls. At ICON Printing we’re proud to have supported many independent fashion designers turn their designs into a reality; and we never tire of seeing what’s on offer at London’s markets. 

The energy and creativity of the capital city is most visceral at its markets which are deeply rooted in history while reflecting up-to-the-minute latest trends. This is where to head to find unusual and independent fashion brands.

Best London markets for independent fashion designers


Best independent fashion markets london

Brick Lane

Sunday’s Brick Lane market has an anarchic feel with random people laying out old clothes and bric-a-brac on the street. Although those are great spots to get a bargain, there are some more professional stalls and the indoor Sunday Upmarket is where rising designers pedal their wares to the fashion conscious youth. As well as that, there’s Vintage Market down the street if you want to pick up a more retro look.


Open seven days a week, Greenwich market’s 120 stalls dazzle with eye-catching items from creative designers: bright fabrics, usual t’shirts and smile-prompting accessories. Tuesdays and Thursdays focus on antiques, so go down any other day of the week for more fashion and arts and crafts.


Camden Market has a special place in Londoners’ hearts as where a lot people made their first forages into fashion as teenagers. Still thriving despite the fire in the Stables Market in 2014, and another one in the Camden Lock market in 2017, it provides clothing for various alternative subcultures, from goths to ravers. For example, since 1994 Cyberdog has been peddling holographic t-shirts to clubkids and it will always remain one of the city’s best spots for band merch

Covent Garden

Originally a fruit and vegetable market, Covent Garden is comprised of two markets in one. The Apple Market inside the centre of piazza has arty and crafty stalls from Tuesday to Sunday including fashion, jewellery and accessories. The Jubilee Market on the southside of the piazza has fashion Tuesday to Friday and arts and crafts at the weekend. Whichever day of the week you go, you’ll be sure to find some unique handcrafted items.


The bustling streets of Portobello Market have provided the latest threads for London’s scenesters since the 1960s. Head under the Westway flyover for clothes stalls, where young independent designers set up next to vintage clothes stalls and silversmith jewellery displays, pungent homemade soap stalls and piles of invitingly soft Nepali blankets. Be prepared to fight your way through the crowds, but you’re sure to find something a bit different.


The Spitalfields area was regenerated in 2005 a new life was breathed into this historic market. Saturday holds Spitalfields’ Style Market when many independent designers set up stalls here. You will find unique items of clothing, jewellery and by purchasing you will be supporting a creative maker to realise their dreams.

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