Transnational artist, Charlene Man, shuffles between work in London and Hong Kong. Her art covers a range of mediums, including illustration, zines, and mural painting.

We’ve printed some t-shirts for Charlene and couldn’t wait to check out some more of her work.

Growing up in Hong Kong until her early teens, Charlene moved to the UK when her family moved over for her pop’s job. She took Art for her A-levels, despite some resistance from her family, and has since worked in many different art forms.


Above: ‘John Lennon: Imagine’  Print

Top of the Page: Charlene’s friend sporting her ‘Squatting’ tee

Whether it be through her curation, illustration, or exhibitions, Charlene’s work tends to have an underlying vibe of simplicity and positivity. Believing in the ability for art to both showcase and bring happiness, her colour palette and artwork exists to do just this.

“I often try to look at the positive side of the bad things. For my show, ‘Down Time’ I tried to transform words like ‘lazy’ and ‘bored’ into something positive” Interview with Us Blah Me Blah.


Above: From Charlene’s Lazy Yoga Guide, a zine about relaxing


Above: Charlene’s first solo exhibition, ‘DOWN TIME’ in Japan

Her refreshing approach to life, like celebrating “doing nothing”, provides a nice outlet in this hectic creative world. We’re into it.

Charlene has t-shirts screen printed by Icon, available for sale on her website.



Above: ‘What’s Up’ sketch and printed tee, screen printed by Icon.

For more, check out @charlene_man‘s Instagram.