Getting merry with merch

Christmas is on its way, and for many businesses it’s a time of opportunity. As the Christmas period starts earlier and earlier each year, it can feel like an ever more stressful venture to try and capture potential customers. Considering how much of a difference that a big bump during the festive period can make, and the growing pressures on bricks-and-mortar stores, the pressure is all the greater. 

Dubbed the golden quarter, UK Christmas shoppers spent a whopping £79bn on during the Christmas period in 2018, a 1.4 per cent growth, despite fears about the decline of the high street. Online alone, in 2016 shoppers spent £25bn, spending £119 on per head on groceries, £476 on gifts and £45 on Christmas cards and decorations.

With that in mind, there’s much reason to think about how you might create your own inventive Christmas merchandise: be it Christmas shirts or jumpers, or a range in hats or screen printed tote bags, there are plenty of ways your brand could make your mark. And this doesn’t just have to be to sell to your customers either. Whether you’re in customer-facing sectors such as retail and hospitality or are a B2B business like a design studio, creating quality Christmas merch for staff, customers or clients – or all of the above! – is something you should definitely consider.

Here we list some of the reasons why you should think ambitiously about creating customised t-shirts, hats or other merch for the festive period.

Staff morale

Christmas is a time for affirming staff loyalty and rewarding hard work, and reminding employees of their value through special uniforms and merchandise can help remind them they are an essential part of the team. (Head here to read more on how to create great personalised workwear for your business.) Whether it’s a tasteful product that makes a staff member feel considered and appreciated, or the introduction of a novelty offering to boost camaraderie, there are a number of options on the table for those putting in the essential legwork. 

Create a special feeling

Whether your business is a hi-octane, adrenaline inducing environment or a relaxed space of sanctuary, amidst the chaos of Christmas, you want your business to stand out and feel like a pleasant experience. If executed with care and consideration, merch that cuts through the noise, and represents those values can create a product that benefits all aspects of your business. 

Consolidation of brand values

Speaking of brand values, it’s worthwhile remembering that investing in your brand is crucial if you want your business to be unique in a crowded market place, even – or especially– in the hectic Christmas period. (For more on branding, head here for our guide to nailing brand identity.) The messaging that sets your company apart can be instilled in a fresh product, and serve as a reminder of what the company is about when the hectic Christmas period becomes all too overwhelming. 

Create a sense of adventure and opportunity

Just because Christmas is at the end of the year, it certainly doesn’t mean it’s the end of your business. As the stats suggest, this is a key period for your company to make its mark on the market and make those end of year profits. If you’ve been feeling a little bit sluggish about your brand’s direction and vision, it could be a great way to experiment with new marketing ploys and visuals to see what works best. After all, developing your brand shouldn’t be limited to Q1. 

Customer loyalty beyond the festive period 

Christmas provides a time for staff to go the extra mile to serve customers. As we know, kind and generous actions in this period are especially appreciated during the Christmas period. Whether a member of staff is helping a customer shift their gifts into their car, putting in an extra phone call to track down an elusive must have or simply takes the time to ask them about their day during their browse, they are relaying a positive brand image to the customer above and beyond the festive season.

In order to make that experience stick in a customer’s busy life, an eye catching uniform or design could cement that memory, with their positive experience bookmarked for when they need to purchase a product from your business in the future.  

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