Tips for making a memorable event – from product launches to conferences

Corporate events can be a bore – but they don’t have to be. If you’re organising an event – whether it’s a team building event, product launch or conference – there are plenty of tricks to make it more memorable.

We’ve rounded up five of the most common types of corporate event, explaining why they matter, along with some tips and suggestions to give it a creative twist.

Team building events

Team building events are a great morale booster and a way to improve the connection between employees – both socially and professionally. They create a pressure-free space for a team to get a sense of each other’s individual strengths – as well each other’s personal interests and the things that motivate them outside the workplace. Most of all, they should be fun. Brush off anything that will remind you of the office and head out to try something new.

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Training workshops

Just as team building events can boost morale, training workshops are another kind of event focused on encouraging employees at your company to be at their best. Helping employees improve their skill set – and investing in their potential – is an important way to keep everyone committed and forward looking. Offering a range of training workshops (especially workshops that offer the chance to try something new) are a vital type of corporate event. That said, not all training workshops will be exciting – so it’s important to think of ways to keep teams engaged and enthusiastic.

corporate events

Product launches

Launches will always be among the most important corporate event, bringing together internal staff, external guests, clients, customers and the media. It’s important to get it right and – whether big or small – it’s an opportunity to make a real impression.

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Conferences are an opportunity to place your organisation at the centre of its field and cement its place within the wider discussions of your sector or industry. They’re big events and challenging to organise so it’s important to get it right – if you’re planning on inviting leading names in the industry – from potential clients to future collaborators – then the impression you make will really count.


Like conferences, seminars are a way to communicate the expertise within your organisation. A programme of seminars could be used to give a platform to staff members working on unique projects, which they could share internally, or as a public event. Inviting in experts in the field to give seminars is another way to build an exchange of knowledge within your organisation and the wider business community.

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