Entering into a new season usually brings with it a few feelings. Here are some tips for getting out of post-summer blues and back into that creative and inspired work-flow.

1. Embrace It

The first thing to do is simple, embrace the rut. You can only start to get out of a rut once you’ve acknowledged you’re in it. Above all, acknowledge that it won’t last forever.

2. Talk a Walk

When you’re feeling stuck sometimes all you can do is think about how stuck you are. Try focusing all your attention on the here & now… go for a walk! As you walk, think about walking, think about the trees and the pavement and the people. Concentrate on the everyday things around you.

3. Brain Dump

Often when we feel like there are no ideas, there are actually too many ideas. Whatever your art form, try dumping all your ideas out onto the page (or screen, canvas, workbench). Afterwards, you’ll hopefully feel a lot more clear headed.

4. Talk to Someone

Creative people are very familiar with this feeling, sometimes chatting to one can help you feel like what you’re going through is totally normal. You’re not strange, your career is not over, it will pass.

5. Look Up

Surrounding yourself with beautiful things, whether that be art, mates, or a really good sandwich, helps. It’s liberating and helpful to place your concentration on a new subject for a moment, giving yourself the space┬áto free up your creative mind.