Your guide to the dad cap

To your dad, it’s just the cap he wears when he’s mowing the lawn or washing the car. You know the type of cap we’re talking about: over years of wear, the cotton has perfectly molded to shape, its velcro fastening now weakened, and its once bright shell is now bleached in streaks by the sun.

On the front is probably embroidered a slogan from the tourist town he picked it up in 30 years ago: “Portland, Maine”, “Miami, Florida”, or it points to some hobby of his: “Vintage Motorcycle Club” or “Man, I love Fishing”. To your dad it’s just a hat, but if you’ve ever tried it on, you’ll know it’s the best, cosiest cap in the world.

The dad cap, to put it simply, is a baseball cap with a slightly curved brim, that’s usually five panels (as opposed to the six panels on a snapback). They have an easygoing, casual look, and are an increasingly popular choice for brands’ custom merch.

While you can’t manufacture the emotional connection we feel when we wear our loved ones’ clothes, you can certainly capture some of that homey feeling by producing your own range of customised caps. And what better choice than a dad cap, in washed cotton, topped off with custom embroidery. It’s a look that ages well, and below we’ve rounded up the big reasons why the dad cap is a great choice.

Why to choose custom dad caps for your brand

They suit everyone

Men, women, children, pets…everyone can rock a dad hat. Like Kim and Kanye’s daughter North, you might mix yours with a feminine silk dress, or use it to add style to simple gym gear, like Hailey Bieber

They are great value for money

Our Beechfield original cap starts at just over £2 a piece. It’s available in more than 20 colours, and we offer a range of print and embroidery styles to help you customise it, for great value. When you consider that high street shops sell caps for more than £20, you could be looking at plenty of profit on yours.

They look great in a stonewashed colour

If you’re after surfer vibes, then this is for you. Stonewashing is a process used to soften and fade the colour of cotton, and when used on a cap, it gives the impression that the wearer spends their life on the beach – even if they’re more likely to wear it at the office. 

They leave space for creativity

Most dad hats carry messages about real life, practical things dads tend to like – tending the barbeque, hiking – or commemorate places they’ve been. The wide frontage of the dad hat means it’s possible to embroider long slogans and large graphics on to them. Think of the possibilities for your branding.

They’re relaxed and easygoing

Caps must be the easiest accessory to pull off. They go with almost anything, they cover up bad hair days, and they look effortlessly stylish. If your brand has a streetwear aesthetic, use your head.

They’re timeless

The dad cap is one purchase you’re never going to regret. Because it’s never been strictly fashionable, it can never go out of fashion, meaning you could still be wearing it in years to come without any hint of shame. Just like dads themselves, these hats are timeless.

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