Starting a brand can be a daunting task, especially in a city like London where we are surrounded by countless designers and entrepreneurs trying to make their mark in the creative industry.

Whether it be through progressive designs or niche branding, the question stands, how is your brand going to stand out from the crowd?

Crafting your brand’s story starts with answering the question: Who is your customer? Would they be interested in colourful, loud prints, or are they into a minimalist screen print with a strong message? Through developing the persona of your customer you can build an identity which will help guide your brand.


Above & Top of the Page: Both CADE Clothing and WildCardCo use imagery to create a cohesive brand image


Above: We made custom neck labels for Strangers, a UK-based clothing brand

Differentiating from other brands also requires a commitment to doing things really well. Choosing high-quality garments with a good fit, ordering samples, and taking the time to focus on your product all impact the value of your brand. Considering hem labels or woven neck labels are important decisions, as small details will help your clothing line to stand out.

Aside from your product, social media presence is a big determinant of the quality of your brand. You can create a community around your line if you are able to gear your Instagram feed, Facebook following, or Blog posts towards your past and potential customers. Take the time to plan your posts, photograph your products and share!


Finally, remember your manners and show your customers you care. Enjoyable customer service and the ease of a good platform make all the difference especially when you are starting out. Focus on the things that really affect customers such as an understanding return policy. These small things add up to building a great reputation for your line.

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