Our top tips on the distinctive garments

As far as embellishment goes, embroidery is one of the more sophisticated ways to elevate a garment. Although it’s often associated with flouncy florals and an old-fashioned sense of style, embroidery can actually feel incredibly contemporary. It adds a distinctive, textured look to clothing that also speaks to a certain level of quality and care.

Although not suited to every brand aesthetic, the versatility of embroidery means that it can be a great choice when looking to offer something new or different to customers. One trend that has always been popular is the embroidered jacket, which perfectly intersects the everyday with the luxurious. 

Embroidered jackets can be a way to offer something a little more special to your customers, and there are a number of reasons why they’re a great investment.

They’re a design classic

Thanks to its recurrence throughout pop culture the iconography of the embroidered jacket comes packed full of emotional resonance, making it a powerful marketing tool. Iterations have been made famous by everyone from the jocks that dominate Hollywood’s visions of high school, to the leather-clad Hells Angels that symbolise an entirely different kind of cool, and even the short-lived Pin Pals of Homer Simpson’s bowling days.

Quality and durability

Embroidering your logo or design onto a jacket is one of the best ways to ensure its longevity. Not only is embroidery incredibly durable, and less likely to fade or stain, but it also broadcasts a feeling of quality. Because of embroidery’s history as a skilled practise done by hand it’s imbued with a sense of craftsmanship and care, and this in turn reflects well on the quality of the jacket and of your brand.

Everyone’s a team player

One of the strongest associations that embroidered jackets hold is with sports, and tapping in to this can be great for a brand. Personalised bombers are seen on everyone from baseball players to off-duty footballers, and they speak to the idea that there’s value in being part of a team. By incorporating embroidered jackets into your merchandise offering, you’re inviting people to experience that same feeling of belonging and showing that you value their loyalty.

A versatile wardrobe addition

Embroidery aside, opting for a jacket rather than another item of merchandise is a smart move in and of itself. The benefit from a merchandise perspective is that jackets can be layered over tops and under coats, making them incredibly versatile. This increases the likelihood that your staff and / or customers will want to wear them everyday, and so your brand will get even more exposure than with a t-shirt or a printed jumper.

Go big or go home

Another benefit of choosing to embroider a jacket instead of a simpler item of clothing is that you are able to work with larger and more complex designs. While a t-shirt can be elevated by a few small embroidered details, the weight of a big design can distort the fabric, and too much dense thread is uncomfortable against the skin. With a jacket, the design can be incorporated with the outer layer while leaving the lining to sit flush against the skin. Jackets are also heavier and more robust in their construction, meaning that you can go all out with a larger design without warping the fit of the piece.

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