Design your cap embroidery like a pro

Customised merch is a tradition that goes way back. Of all the items upon which businesses have been projecting their identity over the past decades, the custom embroidered cap is, arguably, the most iconic of them all. What’s new is that it’s never been easier or quicker to create a custom cap than it than it is right now. Especially, that is, if you come to us at ICON – we work with clients in startups, fashion, restaurants and beyond, and whatever your business, have the expertise to bring your ideas to life.

While they might seem simple, there are a lot of considerations which go into designing a cap. The aim is twofold: create something that projects your brand and identity, while also deployed in a design that’s appealing to your potential customers; something that they’ll be keen to wear and show off to their friends. Here are four tips for navigating the road to the perfect custom cap.

Keep it simple

Embroidering is a more complicated process compared to screen prints on a t-shirt or tote bag. By the nature of a hat, there’s less space, and the embroidery process means that you need to use fewer colours. Smaller, more intricate designs are harder to pull off.

That’s why we recommend keeping designs simple. Keeping it minimal will make the logo or slogan look more striking, ensuring that your design stands out and that it can be successfully embroidered. Bold, uncluttered designs with thick lines are the way to go.

Think carefully about colours

When selecting your design, be aware that there’s a limit on how many colours you can use per hat, and take that into consideration when choosing your design. If you’re choosing a multiple colours, make sure you’ve thought about how well they will complement each other. As before, the simpler the design, and the less colours you use, the more effective it will be.


Choose your embroidery type

When selecting your embroidery type there are two main ones to take into consideration: 3D Puff and Flat Embroidery, each with their own pros and cons to consider.

3D Puff is when you can see a raised embroidered thread on the cap. It’s bolder, bigger and grabs the eye more, but it’s harder to do with more complicated designs and should really be kept to lettering or basic pictures at most. Flat embroidery is when the thread stays flat on the hat, and is a more flexible type of embroidery, great for when you want to get a more detailed picture or fluid writing on your hat.

Placement makes perfect

So, you’ve got a great design or catchy slogan, and want to make a cap to share it with the world – but where is the best place to put it on your custom cap? Well, clearly a bold, eye-catching logo or slogan would work best on the front of the cap, but that’s not always the case, as sometimes a less obvious placement, either on the side or at the back, may get people’s attention with its creative thinking or unusual look. Alternatively, you could have a logo on the front and a smaller logo on the side.

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