Does your company promote sustainability? Have you a built a brand on environmental awareness? Put down the green smoothie and we can help.

We partner with a number of suppliers who take great care in the production of their garments, from sourcing environmentally responsible raw materials to ensuring safe working conditions on all levels. We recognize that the garment industry can have a large ‘carbon footprint’ or environmental impact so we’ve made sure to find options for you to keep things eco-friendly.

Our go-to brand for ethical products is Continental Clothing Co., providing an Earth Positive line of products with a low environmental impact.

Here are some of our favourites:

Earth Positive – Men’s Organic T-Shirt (EP01)

Earth Positive – Women’s Organic T-Shirt (EP02)

Earth Positive – Organic Cotton Shopper (EP70)

Earth Positive – Organic Coloured Tote Bag (EP75)


Another supplier we highly recommend is Stanley Stella, a Belgian company with high quality products committed to sustainability.

Check out some of their stuff:

Stanley Stella – Men’s Organic Round Neck T-Shirt (ACTS)

Stanley Stella – Women’s Scoop Neck T-Shirt (LOVES)

Stanley Stella – Organic Round Neck Sweatshirt (STROLLS)

If you’d like more information about ethical brands or are looking for a product you don’t find here, please feel free to send us an email so we can help out. You can reach us at

Top of the Page: Photo via Stanley Stella