The best in fleeces

If someone said the word ‘fleece’ to you five years ago, what would pop into your mind?

Probably camping, pyjamas, maybe functional clothes for a hike. Fleeces were the domain of practical mums and serious outdoorsy types. So when the fleece came to the catwalk in 2019, it took everyone by surprise. 

It’s easy to see the practical appeal of the fleece: it’s a handy mid-layer which ensures warmth and comfort, easy to wash and pair with whatever other clean clothes you have handy. Yet suddenly we were seeing shearling in daring silhouettes and fleece with animal prints paired with leather worn by top models. Fleeces aren’t just stylish and practical, they’re also cosy — in these trying, turbulent times, we’re all in need of fuzzy, comforting clothes.

Largely made today from polar fleece, a synthetic equivalent to wool which is a lot lighter, fleeces simply make sense. Brands are realising this, too: certain forward-thinking companies are looking beyond t-shirts and caps to offer branded fleeces to employees and fans alike.

Here are some of our favourite branded fleeces to offer you inspiration. 


Remember the Twitter spat between Sainsbury’s and ASOS in 2018? Perhaps not. Well, let us refresh your memory. Sportswear brand Puma released a £70 fleece in the supermarket’s signature purple and orange colour scheme on ASOS. When Twitter denizens noticed the similarities in the colouring, Sainsbury’s responded with a marketing ace, tweeting: “‘No need to spend £70, work with us and get the original burgundy fleece for free”. This was accompanied by photos of Sainsbury’s employees sporting their workwear with the signature dead-eyed look of an ASOS model.

Exeter University

This historic university, based in Devon, gives their student ambassadors branded fleeces. So when prospective students are being given tours around the beautiful campus and sculpture gardens, they are guided by students who look approachable, warm, and, tucked into a cosy fleece, happy.


Ardent skiers are in a club of their own. They have their own language, their own hangout spots and their own clothes. Bleubird is a rising fashion label which caters specifically to the surfing and skiing crowd of adrenaline-junkies. They worked with ICON to produce their Horizon fleece, an item with adventurers in mind, coming in four colours and best paired with a t-shirt with a “rear tag” where you can emblazon the name of your favourite ski resort for all to see.

Poppy’s Funerals

Poppy’s offer a personal approach to funeralcare, emphasising respect for the deceased and grieving families at the most trying of times. The London-based company, an ICON client, understands that death is a life-changing experience for the bereaved and they don’t want to make it more difficult than it already is. Rather than donning stuffy suits, employees wear simple forest-green fleeces which give them an approachability that is appreciated by those in mourning.

National Trust

The signature oak leaf logo of the National Trust adorns the fleeces of their thousands of outdoor workers in some of the country’s most beautiful parks and natural spaces. If you seek to pay respect to the people looking after our last wild spaces, you can buy one from any National Trust shop.

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Counting seals and squirrels, feeding livestock, protecting landscapes and maintaining pathways: these are just a few of the jobs our rangers undertake. On #WorldRangerDay we want to say thanks for the work they do to care for special places for ever, for everyone. #nationaltrust

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Majestic Wines

For the past 40 years, Majestic has been a go-to wine source for Brits who have come to rely on their knowledgeable staff for guidance in the intimidating world of wine. It is today the country’s largest wine retailer, and in the colder months employees don black fleeces with the elegant grape logo emblazoned on the chest.

Land Rover

Once a byword for rural British luxury, Land Rover sold the first mass-produced four-wheel drive with doors to the British public. Still a favourite of Britain’s motoring industry, they offer the Challenge Fleece for fans with elasticated cuffs to keep the wind out on those brisk country drives with the windows down.

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