Friends of the Earth have put their foot down with a campaign that aims to stomp out the outrageous rip-off scandals that the Big Six have been getting away with for so long.


Energy suppliers make billions of money out of us and the charity Friends of the Earth have urged for this to change. Their video involves a humorous way of showing the public the harsh reality which they may not realise they are involved in.

The video shows ‘staff’ from the top energy suppliers talking to members of the public. Friends of the Earth employ a satirical method of campaigning, selling the negatives of the company yet with a positive attitude.

The ironic tone of the campaign reinforces the reality behind the Big Six energy suppliers and how they are taking advantage of their customers. Friends of the Earth have set up a petition in order to make a change; for suppliers to give us energy we can all afford.

Icon Printing were involved in promoting the campaign by embroidering the logos onto red fleeces. Embroidery is long lasting and gives a professional finish to clothing, which has helped Friends of the Earth to look smart and believable as ‘staff’ for the Big Six.

The campaign video is a great way to catch the attention of the general public and we hope that Friends of the Earth can make a positive change to our future.

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