As the opener to our new series on brand marketing, we’re taking a look at how GRIND, a group of local café-bars and restaurants promotes their brand.

✨ £5 Cocktails across the Grind tonight with your Black Card ✨ pick one up from the counter and register online. 💃🏼🕺🏽

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1. Loyalty Cards

Everyone loves freebies. Everyone also loves being part of the “in-crowd.” GRIND promotes their café-bars through the use of a loyalty card, deemed the ‘Black Card’. Using the card, customers earn points everytime they purchase a coffee or cocktail, which can be redeemed for a free drink after 10 purchases. The loyalty program also includes creative twists – like Monday deals (‘Black Mondays’) and being the first to access news of exclusive events.

2. Instagram Freebies

Speaking of freebies, using social media as a platform GRIND posts regular contests on Instagram to engage with new and returning customers. These contests include things like a running Friday post with the chance to win bottomless brunch for yourself and 3 friends or a shopping spree giveaway in partnership with a local pop-up shop.

3. Totes & Merch

Recognizing the ‘iconic’ symbols of their brand, GRIND uses merch and well-designed packaging to get their brand into the hands of purchasers. We screen printed their tote bags, which include a popular graphic from one of their locations. Taking advantage of their strong graphic identity, their merchandise provides a way to link the many branches around the city.

4. Crowdfunding

GRIND isn’t short of creative ways to engage with customers, not the least of which is their use of crowdfunding campaigns to both engage with, and gain from, their loyal fans. Offering contributors the chance to own shares in the company, their Crowdcube campaigns create a bridge between the company and loyal or new customers.

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