Whether it be for promotional purposes or internal staff, company t-shirts are all about generating buzz outside, or within, your organization. Let us walk you through some of the ways t-shirts build brands offline.

Promotional t-shirts provide a tangible gift you can give out to people at events, pop-ups, or the point-of-sale. This can help potential customers to remember their experience with your company, and/or keep your brand on their minds. More than that, after they’ve left your hands they’ll continue to add value as they act as ‘walking billboards’ being spotted around the area.

Of course, walking advertising is also a great reason to sell company t-shirts as merchandise. Ozone Coffee has t-shirts screen printed with us, to sell on their website and increase customer loyalty. On top of pure marketing, customers build a greater connection to your brand by being able to “take it home,” purchasing means they’re into the brand, but purchasing also increases how much they’re into it.

Design-wise, given a few smart choices, your t-shirt can give prospective customers a good first impression of your company. If you’re an ethical brand that prides itself on sustainability, think about how the quality of the shirt, message, design, and even the colour can help to communicate what you’re about. We print for Fieldview Festival every year, and as an eco-friendly fest we always recommend ethical garments (you can find more about those here).

Externally, as a team ‘uniform’ brand t-shirts show off your company’s team spirit, letting everyone know how in-sync you are as an organization. And to complement this, company t-shirts also provide a way to internally build this company culture and sense of community. WeWork is a good example of this, gifting t-shirts to all new members when they join their co-working space. Building the community of your organization starts with new hires on day-one: t-shirts are the perfect way to start.

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