Size matters

Workwear is a fashion movement in its own right so there’s never been a better time to stand out as a business, or represent your brand, with a stylish uniform. Of course it’s important to make sure they fit your employees.  If you’re thinking about printing uniforms for your staff take the time to ensure you get it right. We also recommend checking out our expert guide to designing a uniform, with insight from a leading uniform design specialist, who has shared pro-tips to creating the perfect workwear. 

Why it matters

Employees need to be happy with what they are wearing for work and its worth investing in it to create something they will feel proud to have on. If outfits are too big or too small staff will be physically or psychologically uncomfortable, and possibly vulnerable to unsafe incidents at work involving snagging or reduced mobility. Conversely, if staff feel good in what they are wearing they contribute more positively to the team. 

Getting sizing wrong will waste money if you purchase clothing staff are not able to wear. Therefore making sure staff will be happy in the sizes you are ordering before you pay-up for a new design is an essential point in the process. 

Getting the size right

Certain sizes mean different things to different brands. One company’s “medium” will be another’s “large” and so on – check out our t-shirt fit guide for extra guidance on sizing for tees. So take accurate measurements of staff to ensure the sizes will match:

Collar – measure around the base of the neck, make sure the neck is straight and the tape is not too tight.

Chest – measure around widest part of the chest, close to the armpits.

Waist – measure where the torso tapers above the hips.

Leg – measure from the crotch of the inside leg to where you want the trousers to end, just below the ankle bone.

Other considerations

Some brands are unisex but most have a different fit depending on gender, so check the measurements that the male and female designs require. 

But rather than relying on measurements matching the manufacturer’s sizing, we recommend requesting sample sizes so staff can try on the small, medium and large to find out which suits them best. Make sure staff walk around a bit in the clothing so they get a feel for how it would be to wear them while working. 

Finally, make sure you speak to staff individually about what size would make them feel the best at work. Everyone has their own personal preferences about what they wear and if employees feel more themselves they will do their best at work. 

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