This month we’re looking into how the cycling club, Hub Vélo, promotes its brand.

1. Café + Service Shop

Hub Vélo’s service shop expanded to now include a café, where cyclists (and non-!) can enjoy a fresh brew. Hub Vélo Cafe Clapton is open whenever the bike repair shop is open, and keeping in line with their branding the café boasts yellow accents with some embroidered uniforms by ICON.

2. Supporting Local Businesses

The café supplies local coffee from Union Roasters and cake from Hackney’s own Luminary Bakery. While providing a nice place for a quick cup, it also promotes their brand’s commitment to people. Of course, their space is great for Hub Vélo’s cycling club members, but it also allows them to widen their circle, including other local foot traffic and a place to spend more time (than one might normally choose to) at their bike shop.

3. Trustworthy Social Media

Social media can be a great platform for establishing transparency and trust with your publics. The Hub Vélo crew is always updating their pages with any changes to hours, special events, new café treats, and more. Sharing this valuable information with new and returning customers ensures a pleasant and as-expected experience when you show up at their door.

4. Women’s Only Rides

Besides the standard features of a cycling club (i.e. team merch, matching cycling kits, group rides), Hub Vélo has worked hard to create a group atmosphere that goes the extra mile. Things like ‘Women’s Only Rides’ on Sundays create a team culture and a unique experience for their riders. These efforts help show new- and established-riders alike that their club is about more than just number of laps & STRAVA times.

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5. Events Beyond the Bike

Proving their club is about more than just cycling, Hub Vélo works hard to plan events that are purely social and fun. Things like ‘Film Night’ help gather the community to enjoy themselves with like-minded individuals in new ways. Although we’re pretty sure that cycling-chat happens a lot at these events.

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