The top of the truckers

Did the trucker cap ever really go away? The ultimate piece of all-American workwear, the iconic mesh cap brings to mind the early 2000s: Pharrell, Ashton Kutcher, Justin Timberlake and, of course, Hank Hill of iconic TV show King of the Hill. As suited for pitching up at the gas station as it is reminiscent of Palm Springs beach bums and Tony Hawks enthusiasts, the trucker has a strong and unique style.

For the right business, it’s the perfect potential choice for custom merch. At ICON, we’ve created plenty of custom caps in our time, and here we’ve picked out some of our favourite examples of the iconic trucker style.


The perfect example of how the trucker in tandem with a strong brand identity, this cap, embroidered with the logo of the U.S. space agency, is bold and attention-grabbing. The timeless iconography demonstrates how the most commonplace of objects can speak to our biggest and most distant dreams: this NASA cap will leave those around you stargazing.


A giant of North American workwear brands, Carhartt trades on its reputation for durable and high-quality clothing, leaving its wearers prepared for all fashions and all weathers. This Buffalo cap, which sits somewhere between a baseball cap and a trucker, is available in a variety of earthy colours. The sandstone wash on the fabric really sets of the mesh panel at the back. This would look as great down the skate park as it would on the forecourt.

Top Gun

A classic example of 80s retromania, this Top Gun Goose themed trucker cap will have you running to your closest video games arcade and button bashing your way through Pac Man. The design demonstrates the evocative nature of the custom cap. While the trucker cap has passed through cycles of popularity, the Top Gun logo instantly evokes the sounds of power pop, handlebar moustaches, and Tom Cruise’s cool machismo.

Von Dutch

Like the shifting cut of on-trend jeans, from drainpipe skinny to loose and baggy, the Von Dutch trucker cap is a testament to the ever turning cycles of fashion. Recently made popular again by rapper Travis Scott, the brand named after LA motor mechanic and artist Kenny Howard is commonly associated with the post-millennium kitsch of Paris Hilton, Gwen Stefani, or B2K.

Adidas Men’s Originals

This classic iteration of the trucker cap brings to mind past eras of Beastie Boys-style gold chains, mix tapes, and graffiti bombing. This flat-peaked trucker cap sets it apart from the rest, with Adidas embracing the popularity of the snapback style. Bucking the rounded peak trend, they make a sly nod to the brand’s hip hop heritage.

The North Face

One of the fastest growing brands in the world, this custom cap from The North Face makes good use of the two-colour contrast between the front and back of the cap. The careful panelling is available in 33 different colour schemes, making it the perfect piece for mixing and matching with a variety of outfits. It’s a prime example of the trucker cap’s versatility.

John Deere

This John Deere men’s foam trucker cap will give you exactly the authentic farmhand look that every trucker wearer craves. The yellow embroidery detail sits perfectly within John Deere’s instantly recognisable pastoral green. The foam material on the custom cap’s front panel gives this piece a cheery finish. A perfect piece to wear while taking the scenic route.

Under Armour

Under Armour specialises in affordable and practical sportswear for professional athletes and amateur enthusiasts alike. Shaped more like a standard baseball cap, this trucker cap comes with a high-tech moisture absorbing sweat band in the rim. This feature sets this item apart, making it the perfect accessory for keeping a low profile during that after work gym session.

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