Is offline marketing still a thing in 2018? Is the Jubilee line still much better than the Northern line? Some things are really quite obvious.

T-shirts are a really effective way to market your brand. Whether it be your team, friends, or customers wearing your company tee’s, they provide a direct marketing tool with the potential to reach a large audience of potential customers or users. Here are just a few of the reasons we love t-shirts as marketing tools.

1. They provide a cost-effective way to spread a marketing campaign.

Are you building a marketing campaign right now? T-shirts are basically walking “billboards.” Imagine if your marketing campaign was walking the streets, around the office, running the treadmill at the gym, and sitting at the coffee shop nearby. Printing t-shirts in bulk is a cost-effective, fast, and strategic way to get your campaign out there.

It's Nice That t-shirts

2. Looking for new talent? Here’s a way to recruit new hires.

Seeing the same branded t-shirts around can help to make a brand stick-out in your head. New hires can begin to recognize your brand, and even receive a “first impression” run-in with your company, maybe whilst sparking up a chat with a current employee out of curiosity.

3. Plus, they build company culture within too.

Not only are they are a great way to promote your company around town, but t-shirts can help bond your team and inspire your company culture within closed doors. Team unity and a sense of being part of the whole is so important for building a happy workplace.

4. Not only is this an “easy” tool to use (just wear it!), it’s something that probably won’t end up in the bin after you hand it off.

We’ve all been to events where we’re given a load of pens, some pieces of paper, and some random other bits we throw in the bin after we leave. But t-shirts are something everybody uses (at the very least, to go to the gym or sleep). You can use this risk-free method to make sure your gift isn’t tossed away after all the effort.

5. T-shirts will outlast any interaction you have with a potential customer or the length of your campaign.

Lastly, we all know that marketing is a constant endeavour. The great thing about t-shirts is if you make them as part of a campaign, they’ll outlast the campaign period and continue to be effective marketing tools. Or, if you give them out at a conference or to a potential customer, they’ll outlast that interaction and be a constant reminder of their first impression of your company.

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