Printing on organic t-shirts

More and more brands are choosing to use eco-friendly clothing. At ICON we stock a wide range of organic cotton apparel for printing from brands Stanley/Stella, AS Colour and Continental.

Cotton is one of the world’s largest crops, so how it is grown has a big impact on the environment and communities. Organic cotton is grown and manufactured without using chemical pesticides, herbicides and fertilisers that are known to poison surrounding ecosystems.

We always encourage clients to choose these brands – here are five reasons why you should print on organic cotton. 

organic cotton

1. Good for insects and soil

When chemical pesticides are used the biodiversity of the land is drastically reduced. Not are the insects targeted by the  killed, but so are other creatures that consume the insects as part of the food chain. This in turn affects the whole ecosystem reducing populations of birds, wild mammals and plantlife. Furthermore, the chemicals seep into soil so that it becomes dry and infertile. 

2. Good for water

The toxic chemicals used in the growth and production of non-organic cotton gets into the water system and ends up in rivers, affecting the fish and other aquatic life, and eventually into the ocean. The toxins can also end up in drinking water which can also be damaging for humans.. 

3. Good for air

Chemicals used in non-organic cotton farming also cause air pollution. This can affect communities near the farm – something that can be exacerbated on very hot or windy days, when toxins can end up even further away. 

4. Good for farm workers

Producing cotton organically is usually cheaper for farm workers in developing countries because they don’t have to buy expensive pesticides. Organic farming also reduced the impact on farm workers, who can be affected through handling toxic-ridden cotton when they are picking the plants or during processing.

5. Good for you

Cotton produced with multiple chemicals can prompt allergic reactions to sensitive skin and can cause irritations such as eczema. Organic cotton is hypoallergenic, so better for you even if you are not aware of a reaction on your skin. And, organic cotton is softer and lasts longer than non-organic cotton because the way it is handpicked means that the length and quality of the fibre is protected.

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