At ICON Printing we make a regular effort to share our favourite things from the worlds of fashion and design here on our blog so that we have an excuse to talk about the things we love and you get the chance to catch up on the latest news.

Here are three fantastic things we’ve come across this week.

The Fleet Of Dazzle T Shirt by Patternity

Helen’s a huge fan of The Fleet of Dazzle, a new collection created by Patternity in collaboration with the Imperial War Museum. The monochromatic motif was inspired by the unconventional dazzle camouflage that was devised to disguise American and British battleships during the First World War. The print, which remains faithful to the original, century-old design while incorporating some of Patternity’s own signature ‘fundamental shapes’, can be found on t shirts, tote bags and tea towels — all available to buy from the Imperial War Museum Online Shop.

Lawrence Weiner at the South London Gallery

Yasmin stopped by Peckham’s South London Gallery to see an exhibition of new works by Lawrence Weiner. The show, entitled All In Due Course, sees the artist build his statement-led ‘sculptures’ into the interior and exterior walls of the space. He has also produced limited edition poster and temporary tattoo designs, which can be bought from the gallery’s brilliant bookshop. Have a look at what’s on at the gallery to find out more about their current and upcoming exhibitions, talks and events.

Crispin Finn Campfire Nightlight Screen Printed Poster

Tom continues to be delighted by the wonderful work of London-based designers Crispin Finn (a.k.a. Anna Fidalgo and Roger Kelly). The pair produce a plethora of prints and pattern designs all rendered in just three colours — red, white and blue. Their online shop is brimming with goodies including cushions, tea towels and tote bags. A special mention should go to the above ‘Campfire Nightlight’ screen printed poster. It glows in the dark!