The brands with the killer caps

The baseball cap, as the name suggests, started out as sportswear. But in the past few decades, it has become as much a fashion accessory as it is a functional garment for players of the iconic US sport, as many brands have imprinted their designs on the classic cap style. 

For those looking to design their own personalised caps – or printed caps, as they’re sometimes referred to – then it’s worth surveying the landscape to see what you like, what works, or if there are any designs that grab your attention. 

Of course, many of the most recognisable examples still from the world of baseball – like that of the New York Yankees, for instance, which can be spotted in city streets all over the world. But the adoption of the cap by brands from the fashion world has seen many new and interesting iterations of the form.

We’ve picked out some of our favourites from the fashion world. We hope they give you some inspiration when planning your own custom cap.


A restrained and austere design compared to some of their other products, this cap by the Spanish fashion house keeps it simple. Nonetheless, it’s an example of how you can be playful, even in a quiet way, as the design alludes to the logo of a certain credit card company.


A striking, idiosyncratic phrase, embroidered in white on black, in plain font, with the Valentino logo stitched into the side. This cap is a perfect example of a simple idea well executed. As the Italian brand demonstrates, a slogan or quote as the focal point can be a great way of creating an individual, unique product.


This example from Virgil Abloh’s Off-White is a nice twist on a vintage look. The cap is a rounded shape with a washed out, faded appearance, and the logo – embroidered in yellow against the black of the hat – hints at an old school graffiti style. 

Hugo Boss

Here, Hugo Boss take a sleek approach. The German brand’s logo is rendered in bright, reflective gold on the front of the cap. The cap, a polyester and elastane blend, is in keeping with the shiny aura of the logo. 

Ralph Lauren

A bright, attention-grabbing logo is the centre piece of this Ralph Lauren cap. Using multicoloured thread for a rainbow prism effect, it harks back to the 1992 launch of the Ralph Lauren Stadium collection. The leather adjustable clasp is a small touch that harks to the brand’s traditionalist identity.

The Upside

Upscale sportswear brand The Upside make a statement in subdued tones. Using 3D puff to render their logo in large font on the front of the cap, the effect is dimmed by the black on black of the logo against the cap. (Head here to read more about 3D puff and other personalised cap tips.) It makes for a smart-looking product with an edge of individuality. 


The small details make this cap a distinctive and coveted item. The plain white, simple “P” logo, for one, is in felt – a more unusual material. Plus, the faded grey-black colour gives it an earthy, relatable appearance. And, finally, the full Palace logo is embroidered to the side of the cap, to give it that extra touch.

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