Our guide to picking a cap

In many ways, caps are a great example of how a clothes item can take a life of its own, adopted way beyond the purpose – or the people – it was originally intended for. The baseball cap or the trucker are the most obvious examples, of course, with each of them being worn plenty by people outside of baseball pitches or behind the wheel of an HGV in the American midwest.

What’s more, plenty of people wear caps where their visors aren’t needed to shield eyes from the sun: in the midst of a bleak midwinter day, say, or in the office. That’s because they’re not just a practical consideration, but valued for their appearance and how a logo or design can be smartly stitched into their frontage or side. 

Here at ICON we’re passionate about embroidery for caps, and we can offer advice to help you create the custom merch that’s right for your business. As a quick primer, we’ve broken down some of the key cap styles and laid out the things to considering which of them to pick for your brand.

Different styles of caps – which one is best for your brand?


The most obvious association with baseball caps is, of course, the sport that they’re named after.  As such, they’re often associated with sports more generally, which can make them a good choice for sports teams or any businesses operating in that sector.

With baseball caps the sizing is a little smaller on the front than a trucker cap, for example, but still leaves space for a neat embroidered logo, so has a great versatility meaning they can be used to promote anything from a big event to special deal at any given retail business.


The trucker cap, along with the baseball cap, is one of the best-known and most classic cap designs. The big, wide front, with the mesh around the side and back, makes it perhaps the most recognisable of them all. That generous front panel on the front of the cap means plenty of space for your design, allowing for a wide range of things to fit on there, whether that be a patch, a logo or a big slogan – or even a longer sentence.

Trucker hats have two kinds of demographics that they appeal to. On the one hand, they traditionally appeal to a mostly older market, drawn to the familiar design. On the other, they have a retro appeal to many others. This means that they’d be well suited to a business connected to the automobile industry, but would be well suited to a 70s diner, or another brand with a nostalgic tinge. 

Five Panel

Comfort is key to the five panel cap. It often comes in corduroy wool blend, and usually has a buckle closure, although sometimes a Velcro one. It has an easygoing style, one that makes it well-suited to a younger clientele: think students or surfers.

Jockey / camper

Predominantly worn by cyclists and skaters, this hat is prised for its fitted, snug fit. Because of its neat fit, there’s not as much space to play with in terms of design, but there’s still room to place a tight, eye-catching logo. For these reasons, the jockey / camper style will usually be aimed at a sports or athleisure audience.


Customisability is key with the snapback. Along with its long, flat bill, it has five or six panels, there’s plenty of space for you to stamp your identity on this cap. For this reason, it works really well with companies with bigger logos or slogans, allowing you to really grab the eye of customers.

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