Tips on clothes for kids

Childrenswear is a growing force in the fashion world. The value of the UK market in clothes for kids is expected to reach £6.6 billion by 2021, growing at a much faster rate than the markets in both menswear and womenswear. As the middle class widens, and as parents in the UK and the US in particular continue to have children later in life, the disposable income available to parents has grown. People are more willing than ever to spend sizeable chunks of money on their children’s wardrobes.

It’s no surprise, then, that brands and manufacturers are focusing on kids clothes, with both luxury brands and high street retailers moving to expand aggressively into childrenswear. But opportunities still abound: according to trade title Business of Fashionthe middle of the market remains comparatively un-catered for.

Here at ICON, we’ve worked with a range of clients creating clothes and custom merch for kids, including children’s charity The Brompton Fountain, Our team are always happy to talk through queries, and we have the expertise to advise on the practicalities of your order. Below is a walkthrough on why personalised kids clothes is something to think about, with key pointers on design, production and marketing.

Children have become another way to express identity

Parents now see the way they dress their children as another way to signal their own identity and style, and are rapidly moving away from more traditional ideas about what children wear. Accordingly, the rise of the influencer has also seen the rise of the influencer parent: consumers who follow Kim Kardashian or Victoria Beckham on Instagram are also looking at the ways they dress their children. There are even a whole generation of kidfluencers with their own huge social media followings (mostly made up of parents, not kids their own age).

All of this means that parents are becoming less interested in gendered pieces and more excited by humour and trends (backed up by studies such as this) – they want to see their tastes reflected in their children’s style, in a way that is still appropriate for their age. Custom clothing for children opens up opportunities to translate your designs and brand identity in creative and playful ways (See our tips for t-shirt design here.)


Parents value quality they can trust

In many cases, parents want to dress their kids in ethical and quality garments. They prioritise pieces that will withstand the wear and tear of their children’s lives and last long enough to become hand-me-downs. This means parents are ready and willing to spend real money on childrenswear they trust. If they love your products for themselves, they will want to invest good money in them for the next generation too. In fact, as reported by trade title Drapers, industry experts also point out that parents will always spend money on their children before they spend it on themselves.

Time is the most valuable commodity for parents

Parents are time-poor, and looking to cut down on stress and hassle wherever they can. Being able to shop online for their children is a huge boon, and even better if this can be done in the same place they go for their own clothing. (For our guide on digital marketing in fashion, head here.) This is reflected in the amount that parents actually spend online – 61% more than non-parents, according to a report in Business Leader. The only complication here is sizing, which is notoriously more difficult to standardise for children. Offering a broad range of sizes and a straightforward exchange policy means parents will be relieved to shop with you online.

Visibility and brand loyalty matter at any age

 On a simpler level, offering clothing for kids means tapping into another audience. Children are more trend-aware than ever, paying attention to what their friends and classmates wear – and so are their parents. Once they reach an age where they have a say in how they dress, creating clothing that kids and parents love also means creating potential lifelong customers.

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