Whether you’re a Photoshop novice or a total wizz, it’s likely you’ve used or heard about the programs keyboard shortcuts. They’re nothing new, but there are actually a few sneaky “undocumented” tricks that can boost your productivity. A selection of them are shown within the drop down menus, but there are also just as many that aren’t.

You’ll also be glad to know that most of them are transferable across to Illustrator and InDesign too. I’m using a Mac to write this post, so if you are using PC, Cmd = Ctrl and Opt = Alt.

1. Square Marquee Tool

To create a perfect square marquee or object, just hold down the SHIFT key. This also works, when re-sizing or scaling an object – by holding the SHIFT key down, your objects proportions are locked, creating an even enlargement or scale down.

Photoshop tricks

2. Space Between Lettering

A really quick way of changing the tracking (posh word for the spacing between letters) of a font, is to select the word and then hold down the ALT key and then tap either the left or right arrow. If you only want to change the spacing between two letters – as apposed to the entire word, just click your cursor down between the two letters in question and nudge them closer or further apart using the same keys.


Photoshop tricks

3. Zoom to 100%

Double click on the ZOOM (little magnify glass) tool and it will instantly zoom your document to 100%.


Photoshop tricks


4. Show/Hide Layers


If you need to show / hide more than one layer, instead of clicking on each one by one, you can click on the visibility (eye) icon and drag your mouse up or down – you’ll notice each layer appear or disappear.

Photoshop tricks

5. Precise cursor

When using tools such as brushes, cloning or healing – you can press down your CAPS key, this will show you a precise cursor, should you need it for accuracy.


Photoshop tricks

That’s the first five for you to have a play with – you’ll be using them without even thinking in no time! Don’t forget to check back soon, as we will be posting the next 5 in a few days time.

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