Organising an event is the ultimate exercise in task management. These are the best – and most popular – digital tools to help you

Whether you’re organising a DIY gig in a local cafe, or an international conference for thousands of guests, an incredible amount of coordination goes into organising events. Fortunately there are a host of digital tools – from ticketing to promotion – to make your life easier.

We’ve listed eight of the most popular, starting with the three major project management apps – Trello, Basecamp and Asana – before running through a mix of other tools that can help – so all you’ve got to worry about is hosting.

1. Trello

Visually bright, snappy to use and totally free, it’s no surprise project management app Trello is top of the list of planning tools. Trello allows your team work collaboratively, helping you visualise tasks that need to be done by organising everything into boards, lists and cards. It also makes it easy to share comments and input as well as creating checklists and due dates to make sure you don’t miss a deadline. Get it here:

Key features

What is Trello best for?

Trello is best for projects that need group input

Planning an event? Here are some tools to help

2. Basecamp

Great for smaller teams or simpler projects, Basecamp is quick to set up and visually minded in its design, making it slick and simple to use. While it offers vital management tools it’s likely you’ll need to sign up to a payment plan to get the most out of it – particularly if you plan to use it to organise lots of projects. Get it here:

Key features

What is Basecamp best for?

Basecamp is best for organising multiple projects

3. Asana

Another one of the top project management apps, Asana boasts excellent design and is particularly strong when it comes to collaborative work on projects that require a lot of depth and communication. You can also choose how you want to visualise your workload – from boards to timelines. Get it here:

Key features

What is Asana best for?

Asana is best for projects that require detailed commentary

Planning an event? Here are some tools to help

4. Doodle

Scheduling meetings can be a nightmare. Doodle offers the perfect solution; simply suggest possible dates and times, invite participants, and everyone can tick their availability. Get it here:

Key features

What is Doodle best for?

Finding a date that works for everyone

5. Eventbrite

One of the leading ticketing sites, Eventbrite is a popular with every kind of event organiser, from talks and lectures, to club nights. It makes it easy to sell tickets, set different prices brackets and send updates. Best of all are the analytics which allow you to monitor and compare the performance of your event promotion over time. Get it here:

Key features

What is Eventbrite best for?

Organising ticketed events

Planning an event? Here are some tools to help

6. Hootsuite

Helping you maximise your social media strategy, Hootsuite gives you the ability to schedule posts, manage content and measure the success of your campaigns through detailed analytics. Hootsuite integrates with all the major social media platforms (as well as with other tools, like Trello) and allows you to save time as well as remain active on your accounts 24/7. Get it here:

Key features

What is Hootsuite best for?

Managing and maximising multiple social media accounts


Another incredible time-saving tool, IFTTT helps your apps work together, creating chains of command that allow them to do things they wouldn’t usually. For example, have your Instagram photos automatically back up to Dropbox, or update your Android wallpaper with NASA’s photo of the day. There are millions of possibilities to explore. Get it here:

Key features

What is IFTTT best for?

Maximising the potential of your apps and devices in your day-to-day life

8. Google Drive

It’s a staple, but Google Drive can be a vital tool when it comes to collaborative work of the kind required for planning events. It offers a simple space for sharing large files (without having to email them) , as well as giving everyone in the team easy access to the documents they need.  Get it here:

Key features

What is Google Drive best for?

Storing and sharing files – anywhere, with anyone


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