With a keen eye for colour, RhyanRhyan’s unique prints caught our eye. We had the chance to catch up with the 19-year old designer about his colourful illustrations.

From South East London, RhyanRhyan is a local illustrator & designer who promotes his designs and merch through Instagram. He utilizes designing and creating art as a form of therapy, helping him to make sense of the “imaginative world inside of his head.”

RhyanRhyan’s art is heavily inspired by youth and urban culture and influenced by artist’s like Jeremyville and Basquiat. As he describes it, he lives life in colour and enjoys making art that represents positivity, self-empowerment & individuality.

We’ve printed small-runs of RhyanRhyan’s artwork, using DTG processes to achieve a cost-effective solution for his new line. His brand is ‘free-spirited’ and includes a range of colour. He describes his goal as “creating art for the ordinary and extraordinary youth.”

Check him out on Instagram for more, @rhyanrhyanart