Re-labelling is a great way to strengthen your brand image, give your garments a professional look, and/or get them ready to sell.

We are able to re-label garments using your supplied labels, or if you need to have labels made we can offer woven label manufacturing and re-labelling services. Producing your woven labels typically takes 2-4 weeks and our minimum order quantity is 250 pieces.


Above: Labels we made for Casely-Hayford, stitched on all 4-sides

Top of the Page: Bottom hem labels created for Company of Parrot’s tees

Once your labels have been produced or supplied, we can send them off to the print house to be sewn into your garments. Most items come with a garment brand label stitched in, but we can remove this label to replace it with your own.

The typical cost for this is £0.60 + VAT per item, but this can vary depending on the job. We’re able to add your labels into the inside collar, sleeve or base of a garment.


Above: Inside-neck screen print for IDEA London’s garments

Bear in mind that if we remove the tag, the size label may not show. We can recommend garments that include a non-branded size pip already or alternatively supply size labels for another charge, just let us know.

Alternatively, we also have the option of screen printing the inside neck of your t-shirts, if your run is quite big this can be a cost effective option.


Above: Syndicate Original’s inside-neck print includes wash care instructions

If you’re interested in having labels made or re-labelling your print order, send us an email at Please include your artwork if you’d like to discuss costs.

For more information on our re-labelling services, you can also check out our garment finishing page.