Once your order is confirmed we’ll email you a visual proof PDF to look over and approve before we start production. Here are some things to look for when you do the final check.

Our visual proof allows you to see exactly what you’ve ordered; check the artwork dimensions, colours, layout and text. As this is the final check before we go to print, it’s super important you’re happy with everything on the proof. Here are the most important things to look over as you review:

1. Spelling/Correct Text

While we use our intuition, often times we can’t spell-check the artwork you send us, for example, if your Family name is spelt wrong on the Annual Reunion t-shirts it will be both really awkward, and something that’s hard for us to catch before print. Please review all of the text on your visual proof to make sure it’s correct.

2. Sizing

If you don’t supply us with an artwork size, we will use our best judgment. Either way, it’s best for you to get out the old measuring tape and make sure the sizes we’ve stated are exactly the size you’d like. Often times it’s hard to know exactly the size it will come out without seeing the true measurement in front of you (or placed across one of your own t-shirts to give you the best idea).

3. Placement

Of course, if you want something printed on the left-chest position but you see we’ve placed it in the centre, make sure to let us know so we end up printing exactly where you envision.

4. Colours

The last one is a big one. If your company has specific brand colours, you’ll need to supply us with those Pantone shades so we can add them to your proof. Note, for DTG printing we aren’t able to match to Pantone colours.

We won’t go ahead with production until you have signed off on the proof. Once you’ve done so, you’ll receive another confirmation email letting you know your order is off to production.

Remember that changes can’t be made once you’ve confirmed the proof, so better to ask questions and make sure everything is to your liking before approval.