We understand you’re often working on a set budget so we always try to help figure out the most cost effective way to get your orders made.

While our prices do depend on many factors; such as, artwork, order size, garment quality, and deadline, we’ve put together a list of some tips to keep your costs down and save a bit of money on your order.

General tips

– Printing onto white garments costs less than printing onto coloured garments because a base layer is not required.

– The more print positions there are in your design, the more it will cost. This means it’s cheaper to print just the front, rather than both the front & back.

– Any add-ons to your order, such as re-labelling or poly-bagging, will add costs to your quote. If you’re trying to bring down costs we recommend leaving these off.

Screen printing tips

– A separate screen is required for each colour in your design. This means printing less colours will be less expensive, keep this in mind when you’re designing or pass on the note to your designer!

– Use consistent colours in your file to save on setup & ink costs i.e. use the same shade of blue for all blue areas.

DTG printing tips

– The print size doesn’t affect the price, i.e. it will cost you the same amount to print a design onto the left chest position as it would to print a large design on the centre front.

– Often times we quote you for a DTG print if your design includes many colours but is not at a high enough quantity to make screen printing cost effective. If you’re able to reduce your colours, we could chat about a screen print which may help lower costs.

Embroidery tips

– The cost of embroidery is determined by the stitch count, so if you’re design is simple and not too large it will help you save money.

– It doesn’t change the price if you would like to change the colour of the thread.

Overall, making us aware of your budget and your timeline always helps us to keep track of your costs and work with you to create an order that you & your team are happy with.

For more tips, please feel free to email us at about your specific order.