Selling t-shirts at events can be a great way to build your brand, meet new customers and hopefully generate more sales. Here are some tips to help you make most of it.

Choosing The Event

A logical starting place is planning which events are worthwhile for you to attend. Local events are a great starting point and can often help you focus on a niche, and oftentimes, familiar audience. Once you’ve honed in on a few ideas, you’ll want to deal with some of the logistics up-front: Is there a cost for you to sell there? Is the spaceĀ appropriate for your set-up? Are you allowed to bring flyers, posters, extra hands?

Setup & Display

Once you’ve sorted out details with the venue and/or event manager, start brainstorming your set-up plan. Will you need a table to display goods? Will you bring a clothing rail so you can hang the t-shirts? Your space should reflect your brand, including you and any other helpers: wear the t-shirts and take time to build a clear and appropriate space.

Another important aspect of your setup is the signage. Make sure your prices are clear and you have your brand and/or company name somewhere that’s easy to spot.

Simple Check-Out

A good sales experience and admirable customer service definitely requires a simple check-out process. We’d recommend getting yourself a card reader, helping to streamline sales and eliminate a need for anyone to exchange coins and cash.

Talk to People

Lastly, while you are at an event to sell t-shirts, you’re also putting a face to your business. Take the extra moment to have a chat with customers, smile, and make connections.

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