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What is the first thing every successful startup needs? An idea. Okay, you’ll need a lot more than that later down the road, but the idea is always where it starts. The whole startup industry is founded on ideas — bold, disruptive brainwaves that might just shake things up. Sometimes they don’t work, but when they do, the gains can be unreal.

Sometimes ideas come to you: in the park, in the bath, when you’re supposed to be thinking about something else completely. But other times you can’t wait for a lightning bolt moment. Where do you look for inspiration? Best start with the advice of other people who have been where you are, casting around for ideas, looking for their big break in the world of startups.

We’ve collected 12 of the crucial blogs that will bring you up-to-date and your ensure your business imagination stays active. A handy tip is to collect the blogs in an RSS feed, so you can keep up to speed at a glance. 

start up blogs


This blog is especially for younger entrepreneurs who are looking to start their business and grow it. The easy navigation and clean layout makes a refreshing change from sites that might prove intimidatingly advanced for the beginner.

The Startup Girl

Offering a personal take on the tech startup scene in London, this blog offers handy tips, industry analysis and even discussions of key issues such as #metoo allegations in the tech scene.


This major online publisher focuses on many aspects of the tech industry, but their dedicated startup section contains regular news and insider stories. TechCrunch’s reputation and contact book means they’re often first to breaking news.

Social Triggers

If you think psychology is the key to building a strong business, you’ll love the thoughts and advice Derek Halpern dishes out on his blog, all backed up with verified studies and research.


This advice comes from Dharmesh Shah, founder of marketing platform Hubspot, so you can be sure the tips you’re getting come from hard-earned experience.

For more on start up culture check out our posts on the hottest tech companies in London, inspiring entrepreneurs to follow and our round up of the top tech events in the capital.

start up blogs

Gary Vaynerchuk

The one-man-brand, best known for motivational talks to his millions of social media followers, uses his blog to dish out digestible tips on marketing and growth

Startup Donut

An online resource that is regularly updated, user-friendly and organises its articles in handy topics, such as tax tips, business ideas and financing.


Business blogger extraordinaire Neil Patel runs this popular blog, where he dives deep into the psychology of sales and marketing. Iit helps that he writes engagingly, cutting through the jargon.

Seth’s Blog

Author Seth Godin has clocked up over 6 million views on his Ted Talk about popular ideas and he has written tens of bestselling books. Get daily wisdom straight from the source at his personal site.


Your website layouts aren’t worth much if the content on them isn’t engaging. This site focuses on writing better copy, meaning people won’t just visit your webpages — they’ll stay there.

Startup Today

Launched by a veteran blogger, articles here discuss the importance of blogging and WordPress in the startup business, as well as general discussion of business, technology and social media.

Harvard Business Review

Okay – sometimes these articles can be a little stodgy, but pay attention and you’ll also find rigorous and insightful writing about entrepreneurship in this prestigious publication.

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