Bringing independent print to readers around the world, Steve Watson has developed a service distributing high-quality magazines.

Through combining the nostalgia of shuffling through bookshelves with the ease of an Amazon order, Stack is helping to grow independent publishing and bring new perspective to the print industry.

What makes Stack unique?

Rather than a traditional magazine subscription where you know exactly what you’re signing up for, with a Stack subscription you don’t know which publication you’ll be receiving until it arrives at your doorstep. Not only does this offer a nice surprise each month, but the subscription is connecting readers with magazines they may not have come across otherwise, as well as helping independent publishers to expand their reach.

Who’s behind the operation?

Steve Watson launched Stack back in 2008 with ambitions to grow the print industry. Initially a side gig, Watson has since taken on the project full-time. Passionate about good design, journalism with an interesting point of view, and indulging in niche ideas; Watson hopes to bring the world of independent publishing to more and more people over time.

What kinds of publications can you expect to receive?

Stack offers carefully curated new picks each month. You can expect anything from a publication dedicated to unfolding current events around the globe, to an aesthetically pleasing surfing mag when you need to warm up despite the London fog. With a diverse following of readers, one of Watson’s goals when picking new issues is to make sure a range of interests are covered from month-to-month.

Some magazines to check out before you decide to go for a Stack subscription:

– Delayed Gratification for the globally informed reader

 Eye Magazine for the graphic designer looking for a good read off-screen

– The Plant for the reader with the green thumb


Above: The Gourmand Issue 07: A Life in Objects: Bonnie Slotnick

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