Say it with a t-shirt

Do you love New York? There was a time when the iconic “I <3 NY” logo could be seen everywhere — on billboards, street sculptures and, most of all, t-shirts. Few people know the original story of the design, which was part of a tourism campaign for the city of New York launched in 1977. The advertising company who created t-shirt thought it would just last a few months, so they did the work for free. They probably regretted this a generous move when their design became one of the most famous t-shirts in the world.

Nowadays many important brands use t-shirts for promotion, yet the ease and versatility of t-shirt marketing is still underrated. Whether you’re looking to spread the word about your new concept or to keep your established brand’s hard-earned place in the spotlight, here are eight reasons to make t-shirt marketing a part of your promotional campaign.

Spread the word

It’s simple, but it works. When people see your logo around, they’ll become familiar with your brand and what you do. With familiarity, trust starts to build, alongside interest in your products. In terms of attracting a strong audience, what you wear could make all the difference.

Build community

When you get people in your workplace to wear a company t-shirt, you inspire team spirit between colleagues and build a sense of shared identity. You should, of course, wear one yourself, showing that you’ll represent your company with pride, right over your heart. It doesn’t have to stop in the workplace, either — give them to friends who work in relevant sectors, and they can spread the word beyond the office.


Compared to a TV or billboard marketing campaign, or even an effective run of online ads, t-shirts cost very little to make. You just have to pay for the material and the printing, which can be as low asat ICON. They’re quick to produce and last a long time, so if you’re looking for cheap marketing that lasts, t-shirts are a no-brainer.

Everyone loves a freebie

When did you last receive something for free? People love gifts because there’s a special feeling when you get something for nothing. They’ll especially appreciate something as useful as a t-shirt. Whether they wear it out proudly or simply as pyjamas at home, it’ll bring associations of generosity and warmth to your brand. Besides personal gifts, try giving out tees (or tote bags!) at corporate events or to local businesses.

Start conversations

Stand out in a crowded place, get conversations about your brand to happen anywhere, from the barbers to the gym to a music festival. You’d be surprised how often people ask about each other’s t-shirts, especially if the logo or text piques their curiosity. Before you know it friends, colleagues and even random people on the street will be wanting to learn more about your brand.

Customisable canvas

You can do so much with a t-shirt. Pick between images and font, choose bold colours or neutral tones that go with everything. You might even parody a famous logo or put in a joke that will catch passersby offguard and generate interest. You could put a logo on the front and some info about your business on the back, or just keep it discrete with a stripped-down design.

Express your aesthetic

Building a brand identity is such a huge part of marketing that you can’t afford to miss an opportunity to create a visual aesthetic. You can be approachable and warm or cool and edgy—just think about what you want people to associate your brand with, and work on the design from there. Humans remember images more clearly than text, so get visual, get expressive, and get publicity.

Take your brand to unexpected places

You might give your t-shirts out in central London, but for all you know the recipients could wear them on a trip to Paris, New York, or even the Amazon rainforest! Each person who wears your t-shirt is essentially a walking billboard, offering priceless visibility for your brand and going to places that your marketing campaign could maybe never reach.

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