One of our latest projects has been to print fabulous designs onto t shirts and sweatshirts for London based photographer Lloyd Stevie. The talented photographer used our custom t shirt printing services to print the graphics he designed onto clothing which is shown on the website that has just been launched this week – click here to see the wonderful collection! You will have to be patient though as they are not available ‘til September. The items will be exclusively sold online – so be quick to snatch them up!

DTG printed designs

The tees and ‘sweats’ are so versatile they can be worn by both men and women due to the fact that the designs are not particularly gender specific. The images are colourful with flowers and swirls of merged colours whereas some hold powerful messages with just a few words. The big, clear and readable font helps to promote the message. Here at our t shirt printing company, we used direct to garment printing (or DTG for short) which is great for the type of full colour designs that Lloyd Stevie has created here. We were able to print the images clearly and showthe amazing colours due to the high quality machinery work. DTG is also good for low volume orders as there are no set up costs.

We used our t shirt printing skills combined with continental t-shirts and continental sweatshirts which are ethically produced meaning the quality of the garments is of a very high standard and great for personalised clothing.

The garments were printed and delivered within 5 working days, leaving the customer extremely satisfied with not only the quick timing but also the quality of the work produced!

If you want full colour designs printed onto clothing or t-shirt direct to garment printing, get in touch!


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