The Cherry Laundry (mentioned in one of our earlier blog posts) is a clothing company which is based on 1950’s laundry associations yet with a bit of a fun and exciting twist. Daniel Dewhurst is the founder of The Cherry Laundry and his t shirt designs include irons, washing machines, washing machine temperatures with a vintage look.


screen printed t-shirts

Dan previously told us “The idea to actually use a laundrette as my brand’s theme came about when I was sketching a laundry I used whilst I was travelling. It just kind of popped into my head that it would make a good clothing brand and after playing around with some words I ended up with The Cherry Laundry.”

Here at Icon Printing, we have been using t shirt screen printing for The Cherry Laundry with a centre front position on the tees. Screen printing is one of our most popular methods as it produces a high quality print promising a long lasting result.

The garments we used for The Cherry Laundry which we screen printed on were Earth Positive organic t shirts – EPO1 for men and EPO2 for ladies. These t shirts reflect the high quality of the brand.

Daniel recently said “The brand has fitted well into the vintage scene and I’m currently selling up at Camden (North London), Bricklane and in West London but I’m always looking for new places.” He has also told us he is hoping to line up a couple of festivals this year as he says “I believe my t shirts would appeal to festival goers.”

The Cherry Laundry have recently featured a photo shoot of their tees. Dan commented “I think with this recent photo shoot we achieved what we set out to by creating distressed/vintage images which compliment the t shirts.”

screen printed t-shirts

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