This post is a bit geek chic, but we just couldn’t help ourselves! Dodge & Burn have created an awesome line of photo/camera inspired tees that are hand screen printed on American Apparel. This statement on their website couldn’t be more true…

“We’re neck-deep into the digital age and more people than ever are taking photos. I believe that regardless of whether you use your iPhone or an old Leica screw mount camera to capture your decisive moment, you are part of the history of photography. Dodge & Burn is here to remind you of this.”

You may not use or even recognise these particular cameras that are intricately illustrated as their t-shirt artwork, but that doesn’t matter. Like Dodge & Burn stated, these days everyone and anyone can be a photographer and can appreciate this medium on any level.

example of tagless t-shirt printing

Another nice detail these tees have is a screen printed tagless label in the neckline of the shirt. This is a post production service we offer at Icon Printing. In this case it would involve removing the existing American Apparel label and printing in that spot or even attaching your own custom label. If it’s a small run of tees we recommend the heat seal transfer version of tagless label – to keep costs down, otherwise screen printing (like the one by D&B) looks fantastic, is long lasting and is more comfortable to wear.

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One of our most popular brands we stock at Icon Printing, is the well known clothing manufacturer – American Apparel. This LA based label excels in producing fantastic basic pieces that are great fitting and of excellent quality – resulting in ideal clothing for printing. Due to their garments pure cotton or cotton/poly content, we find they last the best both in terms of printing and wear.

American Apparel t-shirts

Now for a little background information – as how they go about things is pretty interesting. They are a vertically integrated company – which means not only are they a clothing manufacturer, wholesaler, and retailer, but they also perform their own design, advertising, and (award-winning) marketing. They provide more than 10,000 jobs worldwide and produce one million garments each week at their sweat-shop free factory in Downtown Los Angeles.

Their site is well worth a look around, as throughout, there is a wonderful sense of personality and alternative thinking. Below is a screen shot of one of the best sections of their website…where they urge you to ‘Explore Our Factory’.

American Apparel HQ

By hovering your cursor over the black and white image of their massive factory building, various departments appear highlighted – each one presenting it’s own related short video clip. Here’s where it gets cool, the video snippets are not exactly what you think they’re going to be. For example, their “Shoemakers” section video clip is on their “favourite pairs” – but not favourite pairs of shoes, but people within the company. You then get to meet couples who have met since working at American Apparel, also best friends and twin sisters…it’s really rather nice. And creative department video is brought to you by the studio dog, obviously much more insightful than a human being…and way more fun!

American Apparel behind the scenes

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