With a knack for bringing personality and character into 2D illustrations, we’ve been drawn to Abbey Lossing’s animated work.


We’re often asked if we’re able to do specific or unique custom printing, even if it’s not shown specifically on our website. Almost always, the answer is yes.


With a keen eye for colour, RhyanRhyan’s unique prints caught our eye. We had the chance to catch up with the 19-year old designer about his colourful illustrations.


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As this is Icon Printing’s 100th blog post (*insert party popper here*), we thought we’d do something a little bit special. We got in touch with a seriously super designer, who goes by the name of Supermundane. His designs are anything but that!
How did you get started in Illustration and Graphic Design?

I trained in Graphic Design back in the early 90s and spent the first part of my career working in various design companies until my personal work got noticed and I was offered a job by SleazeNation magazine. Since then I’ve continued to work in magazines as well as various other illustration projects and personal art. I’ve always been interested in doing lots of things and experimenting, this is something I’m still doing everyday.


September last year saw the opening of a new Westfield mall, this time situated in east London. Young designer Julian J Smith created the new Westfield Stratford City uniforms. This collaboration was formulated by Studio East, a cultural initiative by Westfield aimed at supporting and nurturing young talent chaired by Mary Portas and leading industry names such as Roland Mouret and Tracy Emin.

Here is a VIDEO courtesy of young filmmakers Constant Pictures showing some “behind-the-seams” footage of the designer at work.

Julian set out to create an energetic and exciting uniform that not only works in a commercial context but one that is also practical too – in the hope that people enjoy wearing it. He felt it had to embody the essence he as a designer stands for, but more importantly, it must also reflect the Westfield brand. This was a tricky balancing act at times, but the outcome is equally as eye catching as it is functional…

The new Westfield Uniform

The colours used within the patterned fabric designs and other garments tie in really nicely with the Westfield brand identity. Another important factor that had to be considered, was the garment fabric composition – as durability and ‘hard wearing’ are key points to take into account when creating a collection of garments for every day wear.

Team shot of the uniform in action

We’re always printing garments for work wear and uniform, so if you’re after custom t-shirt printing – don’t hesitate to get in touch 🙂


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