Here at Icon Printing, we’ve got a vast range of garments we’re able to print on to – whatever your budget or requirements. We also have a fantastic selection of organic products, as more and more people these days are becoming aware of the effects of irresponsible cotton farming. The video below is a quick insight into why choosing organic and fair trade makes such a difference…

COTTON: Have You Picked Yours Carefully?

We carry a great organic brand called EarthPositive. They’re so good, they’re award winning and each garment is made from certified organic Indian cotton and are soft, cool and perfect fitting.

Earth Positive garments

EarthPositive Apparel is made to demonstrate the highest possible environmental, social and ethical standards in one of the worlds most environmentally damaging industries, and to provide the promotional wear industry with a familiar product with which to promote awareness and take action on climate change. Now, the humble T-shirt, the most basic canvas for communicating a brand name, identity, or political slogan, has become the environmental product. EarthPositive Apparel is made in manufacturing facilities in India powered by wind turbines, from low-impact organic cotton, resulting in 100% organic products.

Under the organic standard, farmers and agricultural workers are protected by stringent social criteria, total traceability across the entire supply chain, and also by the ban on the use of poisonous chemicals that can severely damage the health of farmers and their families.

Looking for something in particular? Here are some links to our most popular organic products…

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For more information on our organic garments or any other queries on custom t-shirt printing, let us know! Email us at: or give us a ring on 0207 183 8431.