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This month we’re looking into how the cycling club, Hub Vélo, promotes its brand.


We understand you’re often working on a set budget so we always try to help figure out the most cost effective way to get your orders made.

While our prices do depend on many factors; such as, artwork, order size, garment quality, and deadline, we’ve put together a list of some tips to keep your costs down and save a bit of money on your order.


Whether you’re looking to add your brand logo to some caps, or you’re after a durable and professional finish for your team uniforms, we can help out.


We understand it can be tricky deciding which polo shirt to go for when faced with our vast selection. This post outlines how the brands vary and which fabric compositions take to the various print processes the best. We normally advise against custom embroidering onto t-shirts. The is because stitches pull the fine cotton inward where the needle enters and as a result it can often pucker or distort the logo. This is why you normally only see embroidered polo shirts.

Digitally embroidered polo shirts make a great first impression for any business or company. These custom polo shirts are very comfortable to wear, the collar is instantly smarter when compared to a crew neck t-shirt. This is because of their tapered neckline that is 2 or 3 buttoned fused, and the ribbed collar and cuff detailing. Polo shirt fabric is also harder wearing and often doesn’t require much ironing – which makes them perfect for everyday wear.

Polo Shirts for Digital Embroidery

ANY of the polo shirts we stock are suitable for digital embroidery. This is because polo shirts are milled in such a way that the fabric is heavier. This type of fabric construction can withstand the embroidery needle and thread pulling taut on the garment.

We recommend: Any polo shirt by the brand Henbury. They have a fantastic range of styles and cuts to chose from, all of which embroidery nicely.

 Stripe Collar Polo Shirt (HB283)

Polo Shirts for Direct to Garment Printing and Transfer Printing

100% cotton polo shirts only. We don’t recommend DTG or Transfer printing onto polo shirts, but we can still do so if required. DTG and Transfer printing does not always adhear to the textured surface of a polo shirt that well, especially when the polo shirt is not 100% cotton. This means piqué (posh word for a courser weave texture) and poly/cotton blend shirts are a no no here.

We recommend: Fruit of the Loom Premium 100% Cotton Polo

FOTL Premium 100% Cotton Polo

Polo Shirts for Screen Printing

One brilliant thing about screen printing is that you can screen print onto almost any kind of fabric composition, having said that, we don’t recommend printing small, detailed logos onto polo shirt material as the distort the details in the logo. Screen Printing large, bold text such as “EVENT STEWARD” or “REFEREE” onto the back of a polo shirts is easily done, and will last very well.

We recommend: B&C Collection. The weave is slightly finer, they also run a little more fitted too.

Safran Polo Shirt (BA301)

Here’s why we think embroidered polo shirts are a great way to promote your business…

embroidery machines and logo on polo shirt


They’re smart.
Polo shirts are instantly smarter and more professional looking when compared to a crew neck t-shirt. The collar detail, ribbed cuffs and button down detail makes an instant impression and they don’t cost much more than the crew neck t-shirt we supply.

Comfort and wearability.
Polo shirts are indeed smarter, but you don’t have to compromise on comfort. We stock a fantastic range of polo shirts that are ideal for any requirement. For an image conscious brand; we have a selection of slim fit polos to choose from. Where fabric performance is important – we have ClimaCool® polo shirts, and also heavy weight styles for warmth or durability. We also stock long sleeve styles, ladies polos, specialty sports polos and kids polo shirts. And because no one likes ironing, we also stock EasyCare® polos!

Fantastic uniform garments.
Embroidered polo shirts are one of the top garment choices for uniforms. A branded polo is all you need to make a good impression. This is why so many businesses choose it as uniform wear, instead of expensive head to toe bespoke garments.

They’re hard wearing.
As polo shirts are more heavyweight in general (when compared to t-shirts) they are instantly more hard wearing. The fabric is built and manufactured in a completely different way, which means they can withstand constant wear and tear.

Satisfaction guaranteed.
We pride ourselves in creating the best customisation outcome possible. Before any of the garment embroidery goes ahead, we send you an embroidered swatch image of your logo via email in order for you to see the thread colours and composition. Only then do we go ahead with embroidering your chosen polo shirts.


Here at Icon Printing we specialise in digital polo shirt embroidery. We have an experienced team who can customise as few as ten or as many as 1000+ polo shirts. We are able to cater to whatever requirements you may have, such as brand colour matching, over sized embroidery and logo artworking/digitizing. Embroidered polo shirts give an instant professional touch and make a fantastic option for work and team wear.

All our polo shirt embroidery takes place in London, for any further information please don’t hesitate to get in touch.

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Last year, bimonthly visual culture and design magazine Print, invited 12 leading visual artists to choose a cause they would like to support and create a design for tote bags that would then be sold on One hundred percent of the profits from these bags went to the causes chosen by the artists.

printed tote bag

The artists included in this project were:
Spin for Bone Cancer Research UK
Laurent Fetis for The World Wildlife Fund
James Joyce for Save the Children
Geoff McFetridge for Gabriella Charter School
Atélier Telescopique for Fondation de France
Sawdust for the British Heart Foundation

printed tote bag example

One design we found resonated with us in particular was created by Atélier Telescopique for Fondation de France. This organisation helps individuals and companies who wish to be involved in philanthropy by enabling them to create their own foundations under its aegis. They set up action programs in many areas – including education, medical and scientific research, culture, and the environment.

The tote bag design concept –

“This design is directly inspired by the tote-bag material. We called this model ‘Wild Canvas,’ and we chose to use an embroidery technique to print the pattern on the canvas. We do not really know why, but the tiger is certainly one of the most re-produced patterns on embroidered canvas! This tiger is a symbol for the environment and ecology.”

It’s nice see a concept for an embroidery based tote, as opposed to a typical screen print. Both these processes are just as impactful, but embroidery often denotes a slightly more professional, corporate feel.

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Here at Icon Printing, we’re always on the look out for creatives who appreciate the world of printing and print making as much as we do. Our expertise is in screen printing, direct to garment, transfer and digital embroidery. What’s great about this industry, is that there are a number of ways to transfer image onto paper, fabric, garments in general, and when we stumble across something rather awesome, we like to share.

Alternative Print Technique

Behold, Tugboat – the collaborative name for the team printing projects of husband and wife duo Paul Roden and Valerie Lueth, from Pittsburgh, USA. Their prints are original illustrations, carved out of woodblocks by hand (with hand tools), and printed onto paper by hand on their in-house etching press. It’s not too often you come across this level of craftsmanship, forward planning, pure skill and talent. You can’t help but be blown away.

Alternative Print Technique

Alternative Print Technique

Alternative Print Technique

To find out more about the printing services we have to offer at Icon Printing, please feel free to get in touch.

Friends of the Earth have put their foot down with a campaign that aims to stomp out the outrageous rip-off scandals that the Big Six have been getting away with for so long.


Energy suppliers make billions of money out of us and the charity Friends of the Earth have urged for this to change. Their video involves a humorous way of showing the public the harsh reality which they may not realise they are involved in.

The video shows ‘staff’ from the top energy suppliers talking to members of the public. Friends of the Earth employ a satirical method of campaigning, selling the negatives of the company yet with a positive attitude.

The ironic tone of the campaign reinforces the reality behind the Big Six energy suppliers and how they are taking advantage of their customers. Friends of the Earth have set up a petition in order to make a change; for suppliers to give us energy we can all afford.

Icon Printing were involved in promoting the campaign by embroidering the logos onto red fleeces. Embroidery is long lasting and gives a professional finish to clothing, which has helped Friends of the Earth to look smart and believable as ‘staff’ for the Big Six.

The campaign video is a great way to catch the attention of the general public and we hope that Friends of the Earth can make a positive change to our future.

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