screen printed t-shirt ideas and themes

We recently stumbled across these brilliant t-shirts by The and couldn’t help but love them. They sort of speak for themselves – but what really impressed us is that they’re so simple, yet very witty and very clever. It just shows you don’t have to think up long-winded, elaborate designs in order to create successful artwork for t-shirts.

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If “recycle and reuse” is your thing, you may have heard of high street favourite – Marks and Spencers’ new “SHWOP ’til you drop” scheme – which we think is a pretty awesome idea, in a world of mass consumerism. Basically, “shwopping” is about bringing an old item of clothing into an M&S store with you (even if it’s not from M&S) each time you go in to buy something new. You leave it with them and all clothing goes to Oxfam – they either resell it in one of their stores, forward it on to those who need it in the Third World, or recycle fibers to make new materials – more info here. Good job M&S!

Talking of which, we’ve come across an alternative way to recycle something we bet you have hanging out in your wardrobe right this minute. So, if you’re not an M&S fan, this might be for you. We came across this cool experiment on a blog by Judah Method Clothing. This tee (see photo 4 below) was created using a vinyl car decal, ducktape and bleach. While this is not a cost effective way to mass produce tee’s it is a great way to prototype and experiment. Here is some insight into the process, a photo guide, and the finished concept.

You will need:

(see photo 1.)

1. A Car Decal (Judah Method decal was used in this example). 2. Large Black T-shirt (here’s where your old black tee comes in handy!). 3. Roll of Duck Tape. 4. Pair of Scissors. 5. Spray bottle with a 70% bleach, 30% water solution and an hour of time.

Step One: Lay the shirt flat and apply decal. This step is not easy, the decals don’t like to stick to tees so take care peeling the backing off. (see photo 2.)

Recycle a black t-shirt
Step Two: Apply duck tape in desired pattern. For this one I sent with a stripped pattern mimicking the shape of the Judah Method logo. (see photo 3.)
Recycle a black t-shirt
Step Three: Lightly spray shirt with the bleach solution, when done remove the tape and decal, let dry. Wash & Enjoy! (see photo 4.)We really like the galaxy/star-burst feel they’ve achieved here, it’s such an easy way of giving an old black tee a brand new look.