One of London’s leading art centers The Barbican, launched their Bauhaus “Life as Art” exhibition this month. This is the largest exhibition related to the famous art school the UK has seen in over 40 years. This collection of works feature a rich array of painting, sculpture, design, architecture, film, photography, textiles, ceramics, theatre and installation.

To compliment the exhibition a number of related collectables – or “inspired by” items have been created, in celebration of the launch. Creative consultancy Patternity have produced these “unique art pieces for the legs” – well, beautifully hand screen printed tights to be precise, that reflect the Bauhaus aesthetic. They are a collective driven by the certainty that pattern is everywhere; from the mundane to the magnificent, much like the minds of the Bauhaus movement.

pattern tights

From expressionist beginnings to a pioneering model uniting art and technology, this London exhibition presents the Bauhaus’ utopian vision to change society in the aftermath of the First World War. Bauhaus: Art as Life explores the diverse artistic production that made up its turbulent fourteen-year history and delves into the subjects at the heart of the school: art, culture, life, politics and society, and the changing technology of the age.

super cool bauhaus printed tote bag

Another group of creatives who are also inspired by the works of Bauhaus, go by the name – or rather, statement “MY BAUHAUS IS BETTER THAN YOURS”. Their website reflects their quirky, experimental nature and stylistic sensitivity, but there is also an element of fun thrown in there too. An obvious hit with us at Icon Printing, was their statement screen printed canvas tote bag. Nice work all round!

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