One very popular item we often find ourselves customising, is the trusty tote bag. We are based in Shoreditch, east London – and in this area you can’t walk two minutes down the road without seeing one dash past you. Londoners love them. That’s why they make such great promotional items, merch and give-aways. For high volume orders, getting your tote bags screen printed would be your best bet and they will last super well. For more of a promotional ‘hand out’ bag, totes that are digitally Direct to Garment printed are a fantastic option.


Here’s an example of a DTG printed canvas tote…

digital Direct to Garment Printed canvas Tote bag


We printed these natural canvas tote bags the other week for the Courtauld Institute Of Art, they were designed by Bullet Creative. These were digitally Direct to Garment printed and as you can see, this particular print technique has handled reproducing this “painting style” image really well. Even though canvas tote bags often do have a slight texture to them, DTG printing can still adhere to this particular surface very nicely, with the full colour artwork not suffering at all.

If you have any questions about any of our printing techniques, drop us a line at: or give us a ring on 0207 183 8431. For more info on Digital Direct to Garment printing on t-shirts and tote bags take a look at our website.



We’ve noticed that this awesome “Half Empty/Half Full” tote bag is currently doing the internet rounds. And rightly so! What a clever idea…



printed tote bags by Lazy Oaf

These totes are by Lazy Oaf, who are known for their very cool, bright, pop graphic T-shirts, reversible sweats and accessories collections. The company is driven by illustration, graphics, drawing, and fueled by tea (apparently). The creative label started in 2001 – as a range of hand screen printed tees sold at a market stall in East London. All sorts of Lazy Oaf is now available in over 150 stockists worldwide. They’re now based in Shoreditch, London – which is where we are located too.

Come chat to us if you have smart little idea you’d like to see on some tees or totes, we even offer artworking services too!

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Here at Icon Printing, we’ve got a vast range of garments we’re able to print on to – whatever your budget or requirements. We also have a fantastic selection of organic products, as more and more people these days are becoming aware of the effects of irresponsible cotton farming. The video below is a quick insight into why choosing organic and fair trade makes such a difference…

COTTON: Have You Picked Yours Carefully?

We carry a great organic brand called EarthPositive. They’re so good, they’re award winning and each garment is made from certified organic Indian cotton and are soft, cool and perfect fitting.

Earth Positive garments

EarthPositive Apparel is made to demonstrate the highest possible environmental, social and ethical standards in one of the worlds most environmentally damaging industries, and to provide the promotional wear industry with a familiar product with which to promote awareness and take action on climate change. Now, the humble T-shirt, the most basic canvas for communicating a brand name, identity, or political slogan, has become the environmental product. EarthPositive Apparel is made in manufacturing facilities in India powered by wind turbines, from low-impact organic cotton, resulting in 100% organic products.

Under the organic standard, farmers and agricultural workers are protected by stringent social criteria, total traceability across the entire supply chain, and also by the ban on the use of poisonous chemicals that can severely damage the health of farmers and their families.

Looking for something in particular? Here are some links to our most popular organic products…

Crew Neck T-shirt
Polo Shirts
Tote Bags

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