After a 10-year pause, Orchestra Baobab’s album ‘Tribute to Ndiouga Dieng’ was released in March of this year to a very patient and eager fanbase.

Excited by the tribute album, we wanted to learn a bit more about the Senegalese band we printed for and their record label, World Circuit Records.


To mark the first day of Glasto, here is the second part of Team Icon’s festival fashion faves…


festival fashion

Now, encase you missed the first lot of festival shapped printed niceness…do not fear! You can check out part one of this feature here.

5. Farr Festival – 19th til 21st July

Farr Festival is “a crazy little party in the woods”…a boutique festival held in a deserted forest just outside london. It has been running only three years, but has already achieved huge critical acclaim from party organisers and world class DJs alike. We love their branding and the vibe they’re going for. Strong branding always contributes well to awesome printed t-shirt artwork.

6. Farm Festival – 26th and 27th July

“Dance til the cows come home.” That is surely the best festival advice we’re ever heard! Farmfestival started as a festival for friends, and has stayed that way 8 years on. They don’t believe in media hype or inflated prices. They are all for alternative music, amazing charities, local produce, and good times set to the backdrop of a beautiful Somerset vista. Nice!

7. Becons Festival – 16th til 18th August

Team Icon dig the Beacons Festival merch. Bold and eye-catching designs at their best! You can’t beat a good printed canvas tote bag with a graphic print. Beacons is a cutting edge Music and Arts festival, which takes place in the picturesque setting of Funkirk Estate, in the Yorkshire Dales. Formally known as The Moor Music Festival, 2011 saw the festival find a new site and a new name.

8. Bestival – 5th til 8th September

A forward thinking bunch, as they have kindly sorted people out with a nice, cosy printed hoodie – for those chilly evenings. We think Bestival have a fantastic logo and some nice branding going on and we like their boutiquey festival vibe. Bestival is an award winning 4 day boutique music festival set in the heart of the Isle of Wight. On a mission to change the face of independent festival culture, and doing just that.

Make sure you keep your eyes peeled for an up n’ coming blog post on some direct to garment printed t-shirts we created for a recent festival in Croatia, that half of Team Icon attended. Fun times! We’re pretty busy printing quite a bit of festival related garms at the moment; for groups of friends attending festivals in the UK and across Europe. So drop us a line if you’re thinking about creating your own festival-ready fashion! Icon Printing are a screen printing t-shirt supplier based in Shoreditch. For more an instant quote, please visit our website. Call on: 0207 183 8431