Direct to Garment printed T-shirts by Icon Industries

We recently printed some super cool t-shirts for the guys at Icon Industries. Their style is a perfect mix of graphic art with a street and urban influence. We wanted to find out more about the label and what they’re into…

Your style is a fusion of paint, illustration and graffiti. Do you do your own graffiti?
It’s a mix of stencil, photograph, marker pen and computer illustrations. Graffiti – well it depends who is asking. The law – no. An art appreciator – hell yeah, we stencil when ever we can. We like art that tells a story – whether it’s controversial, funny or shocking.

What artists/designers inspire you and why?
We’re really into the Bristol art scene – Inkie and the guys at Upfest. However, we also get inspiration from the likes of Paul Smith and other high-end British designers. We do a lot of traveling, so we’re always taking a lot of photos too.

Why did you choose to create your own T-shirt line?
We’d come up with some great graphics and really wanted to share them with people. Our mission statement: Icon Industries aim is to make affordable art accessible to all.

Where do you sell your printed tees?
We are new to the market – but currently selling them on ebay, on our own site and a few select stores in London.

What’s your favourite website or blog at the moment? – love that site. A great mix of products and an amazing way to share inspiration, it really gets the creative juices flowing.

What advice would you give to someone who was thinking about coming up with their own collection of statement T-shirts?
Start small, start simple and build from there. Get a good website!


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