We recently screen printed some seriously awesome t-shirts for London based Illustrator, What Katie Drew. Her illustrations really caught our eye, so we thought we’d do a little Q&A with Katie to find out a bit more about her. And what a lovely little chat we had!


Your illustrations are both charming and thought provoking – especially the pieces related to health. What work are you most proud of?
All my work is fun to work on and makes me proud but most recently my work with Mark Owen was especially special to me as I was part of the full process. I worked with him on the more creative visual side of his solo album The Art of Doing Nothing. He had such good ideas and I was able to be part of that with him. It was an amazing brief as he was open to my silly ideas, which meant I could push much of my personality into the illustrations.


Who is someone you would love to work with?
I just did the cover of the Big Issue which has given me the bug to do more editorial work. New Scientist and Vogue are both dream Clients – they both parallel my style nicely I’d say – contemporary, intelligent and like to push things.


What made you break away from a career in Advertising to pursue your passion?
Like my mum says.. don’t just dream your dreams.


“When I was growing up I wanted to be…”
..A zoologist. I have instead settled for two naughty cats.

What Katie Drew

‘BEARDY’ Boys t-shirt. Limited edition screen printed tee.

What sets you apart from other people in your profession?
Arrgh, that’s a mean one! Well I like to think of what I do as an extension and expression of me so what I do is inevitably unique. My stuff can be pretty, pretty silly, pretty dark, pretty well thrown together and occasionally smart.

What music do you like to work to?
I listen to all types of music when I’m drawing. This week I’ve been listening to the new Vampire Weekend album and Josephine Oniyama but you can’t beat a bit of Johnny Cash and Rodriguez, they’re great lyricists which sometimes can spark ideas.

What can you not live without?
Yoga and you can’t beat a bit of pink lippy.

What Katie Drew


Best advice you have ever been given?
Aim with your heart, steer with your mind, and know that it always works.


We’ve recently had the pleasure of screen printing two of your beautiful illustrations onto some t-shirts. Our favourite being the hairy-legging skirt lifter! So great! What else can we expect to see available in your online shop?
Yes, two of my illustrations are now available on tees, a couple more tee designs are in the pipeline as well as some What Katie Drew screen prints. I’m really excited about the current designs and T-shirts. I hope everyone else loves them, you can buy them here if you do! (hint hint) haha…


You’ve worked with some awesome clients so far, what else are you working on at the moment?
Aside from getting prints together for the What Katie Drew shop I’m currently working on some artwork for an exciting new album cover, more work for the NHS and some illustrations for a children’
s book. Its all go!.. My desk is looking shamefully messy. Well actually, it always is.



What Katie Drew


‘HAIRY’ Girls t-shirt. Limited edition screen printed tee.


Great stuff! Thanks so much for catching up with us Katie. Make sure you head over to her Facebook page, as there is a special introductory offer on these printed t-shirts for Facebook likers!


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We had the pleasure of screen printing Daniel Dewhurst’s very awesome Cherry Laundry tees, which are based on 1950’s laundry nostalgia – yet with a Scottish twist! We’ve done a little question and answer session with him, finding out what inspired him to create this collection.

screen printed retro graphics on t-shirts by Dan

What’s the story behind Cherry Laundry and how did the name come about?
Cherry Laundry T-shirts are themed on my love of 1950’s laundry nostalgia (random…I know), I’ve always thought that launderettes are visually fantastic places that ooze coolness. Although, to an extent, they have been glamorised by Hollywood, I still love the idea of people conversing with one another while waiting for their clothes to be washed.

What artists/designers inspire you and why?
With regards to clothing brands I’m a big fan of Ted Baker, Ralph Lauren and Levi’s. I know these aren’t particularly original choices but they have a great sense of design and I like the way their clothes fit.

I’m a huge fan and would recommend everyone to check out Marcelo Burlon’s t shirts!

Artists – Otto Dettmer, Andy Warhol, Jill Calder – I have studied each of these artist at different stages of my education and I feel each have played a major role in my creative development especially Otto Dettmer (his art is seriously cool!)

What do you like most about being a part of the fashion/design industry?
I think first and foremost I enjoy being part of this industry because its been a fantastic way to explore and use my creativity.
I graduated in illustration and wasn’t 100% sure what to do with it but certainly since setting up the Cherry Laundry I’ve been able to explore areas of fashion which compliment my art.

Why did you choose to create your own T-shirt line?
It’s all rather simple…I love t shirts! I used to design my own when I was at uni but just as a hobby and then whilst I was traveling I decided I would give it a go as a career.

You have an awesome online store, where else do you sell your designs?
I usually sell on markets in north London as the Cherry Laundry fits in well with the vintage scene. My very first market I did was at Camden and from there I branched out to markets in Highgate, Brick Lane, Watford and many more. I have also found that once you start hitting the market scene you get a lot of offers to do different markets from other stall holders or people that hear about you through the markets you attend.

What’s your favourite website or blog at the moment?
I’m a big fan of the Dazed and Confused website (and magazine). With regard’s to blogs there’s a fantastic one called The Clothes Horse, it’s really well put together and very interesting with fantastic photography….I highly recommend giving it a read.

What advice would you give to someone who was thinking about coming up with their own collection of statement T-shirts?
I’ve found that using a theme that I love has really helped with setting up the Cherry Laundry. I would advise anybody thinking of setting up their own brand to pick a theme that they have an interest in would be a perfect way to start.

I would also say using quality garments is very important. I have found that especially when working on markets people love to try on your products and if the fit and feel isn’t right people wont buy. At the same time I realise that you need to work within your budget but if you can spend that little bit extra on the product I would highly recommend it.

Thanks Dan! This is all very useful stuff. If you’d like some more top tips on creating your own collection of t-shirts, check this out. Don’t forget – we’d always love to hear from you too! Check us out at


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